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Zedbazi Band

Zedbazi is a Persian Rap group based in London, England, and Paris, France, currently consisting of members Mehrad Hidden, Saman Wilson and Sohrab MJ, Alireza JJ, Sijal, Nassim.

An over night success

ZedBazi was the first music group in Iran that used Explicit lyrics in their music. Graphic descriptions of sexual encounters, the consumption of narcotics and violence were not familiar topics to Iranian listeners. Therefore the group became the most talked about group among teenagers in Tehran that had only heard this type of expression from American Rappers. Another reason for ZedBazi’s fame was that back in 2002 when the Saman Wilson made a cover of Eminems without me, there were no well known rappers in Iran, and if there were, they did not used “bad language” in their songs.

Members ‘nd Styles

Saman Wilson: He is known as the father gangsta rap in Iran. He has a laid-back style of rapping, he often uses wordplay in his rap. He also alongside Sohrab MJ introduced Multi-syllable rhyming to Persian Music. His lyrics often contain strong language and shots at other rappers.

Mehrad Hidden: He is the main singer of the group. In addition to rapping, he usually sings the hooks in ZedBazi’s songs. He grew up singing rock songs, and still releases 2 or 3 songs each year as Mehrad Hidden. He also serves as one of the groups producers along side Alireza JJ. He plays the guitar, the drums, and the piano. His rapping style often gets overshadowed by His demanding voice; Mehrad Hidden’s voice is one of the most well known voices in Iranian Hip-Hop.

Alireza JJ: He is probably the most controversial member of ZedBazi. He often takes shots at other artists and sometimes even his own fans. His flow is often slower than the other members, but he makes up for it by having controversial and politically-charged lyrics:”chejoori rafte on lahjeye aalie Amricayi/ too oon kaleye Khalie Ariayi?”, “Ellate davamemoon/ Mellate Javademoon”. He also serves as a producer in the group alongside Mehrad Hidden.

Sohrab MJ: He is considered to be one of the best rhymers in Iranian Hip-Hop. He has the most dynamic style in the group, in terms of flow and rhymes. He often uses dark humor to convey his point. His rapping style has influenced a lot of rappers in Iran, such as Yas, Erfan, Hossein Tohi and Bahram. “Har vaght mano mibinan zood ba ye soot vaymistan/ engar man daavaram oonha footbalistan”.

Siavash Sijal: He is known for his fearless lyrics, out of the 5 rappers his style is the most descriptive. He often tells a story or sets the mood of the song by describing the situation. His rhyme “Hes mikonim sexy shodim” in (The summer is short, “Tabestoon Kootaheh”) and “Tehran shode dige New Yorkam” or “Laabat toppolo daaghan, emshab baram fogholadan” are some of Persian Raps most famous phrases. His signature is his raspy voice and sometimes melodic voice.

Nassim: R&B singer and vocalist.