Prince Harry Races Usain Bolt And Wins

Prince Harry had a mock race with the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, after touching down in Jamaica as part of his Royal tour of the Carribean.

Sporting a Jamaican colours track suit the young Royal lined up in the blocks against the Olympic track star at the University of the West Indies stadium in Kingston.

But the Prince stole a march on Usain Bolt by sprinting off on a false start before faking a leg injury as he crossed the line.
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The Gang Who Sold Houses They Did Not Own

A criminal gang who made millions of pounds by forging house deeds to sell other people’s homes, have been sent to prison.

Surjeet Chana, Charles Spiropolous and an unidentified man who worked for Barclays, were jailed for a total of more than 24 years.

Sky’s Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt has the story.
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The Story Behind China’s Self-Immolations

A Tibetan teenager has burned himself to death in a protest against the government in Beijing.

He set himself alight in Aba, in the west of the country where Chinese authorities have put up roadblocks and arrested journalists trying to report from the area.

Sky’s China Correspondent Holly Williams, managed to enter the area and sent this report.
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Jamaica Prepares For Prince Harry’s Visit

Prince Harry is due to visit Jamaica on behalf of the Queen, as part of his Caribbean tour.

Amidst recent calls for the country to be declared a Republic, the Prince’s visit has stirred up controversy.

Sky’s Royal Correspondent Paul Harrison reports from Jamaica.
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Vladimir Putin Wins Russian Presidential Election

Vladimir Putin has been confirmed as the next President of Russia.

He won over 60% of the vote but concerns have been raised about the fairness of the ballot.

Sky’s Russia Correspondent Amanda Walker reports from Moscow.
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Mattress Domino World Record Smashed

The chance to break the “mattress dominoes” world record was one that a group of 850 people in New Orleans could take lying down.

A Guinness representative was on-site to judge the event and present the World Record certificate in Louisiana.

Until now, the largest human mattress domino involved 550 people, a record achieved in 2011 in Kortemark, Belgium.

Mattresses for the event were donated, and will now go to various local charities.
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93 Year Old Former South African President Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital

The ruling ANC say its not an emergency – doctors advised he needed specialist medical attention for a long standing abdominal complaint.
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Dingo Baby Case Reopens In Australia

A new inquest into the death of baby Azaria Chamberlain who vanished in the Australian desert 30 years ago has heard it is likely a dingo likely took the infant.

Azaria disappeared from a tent in the desert near Uluru, or Ayers Rock as it was known, in 1980.

The case has been the subject of three previous inquests and a trial which saw Lindy Chamberlain jailed, but evidence to the fourth inquest suggests that attacks by dingoes on humans are frequent and sometimes fatal.

“It gives me hope that this time that Australians will finally be warned and realise that dingoes are a dangerous animal,” Azaria’s mother told journalists outside the court.
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Obama Sings With BB King And Mick Jagger

Barack Obama has sung in public for the second time this year, at the urging of Mick Jagger.

The Rolling Stones frontman was taking part in a White House blues show with blues legends B.B. King and Buddy Guy and invited the US President to sing along to “Sweet Home Chicago.”

To cheers from the audience, a smiling Obama sang parts of the tune, an ode to his adopted hometown, originally made famous by the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson.

Obama singing soul legend Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” was a hit last month – one of the videos of him crooning “I’m so in love with you,” at New York’s famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, has been viewed over five million times on YouTube.
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Brit Awards: Noel Gallagher Speaks To Sky News

Noel Gallagher speaks to Sky News on the red carpet at the Brit Awards about the event, Coldplay and teaming up with Olly Murs.

The star performed hit single ‘AKA…What A Life’ at the ceremony.

Britpop rivals Blur also picked up the Outstanding Contribution To Music Award.
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Andrew Lansley Faces Campaigners Angry Over NHS Reforms

The Health Secretary has been confronted by angry protesters outside Downing Street claiming key health partners had been excluded from the Government’s controversial NHS reform talks.

A small group of around 40 incensed health professionals tried to prevent the Health Secretary from entering, jostling and jeering him as he tried to placate them.

Speaking to one demonstrator Mr Lansley said there would be no privatisation in the NHS, “Don’t lie to me,” she screamed back at him.
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Killer Virus Is Infecting British Lambs

An aggressive virus is causing British lambs to be born with severe deformities, leading to rapid death.

The Schmallenberg virus was first detected in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, but has now arrived in the UK.

Sky’s Emma Birchley reports.
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Parts Of England Are Facing Water Shortages

The Environment Secretary is to hold a summit to discuss the risk of drought in the UK.

The last few months has seen the lowest rainfall for forty years, making conditions for farming very difficult.

Sky’s Harriet Hadfield reports.
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Ronnie Corbett Is Awarded A CBE By The Queen

Ronnie Corbett has been honoured for his services to entertainment and charity.

The comedian picked up his CBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

It’s not an unfamiliar experience for the 81-year-old though – he was awarded an OBE in 1978.

Corbett has supported several charities for decades, including the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Comic Relief.
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UK Unemployment Reaches 17 Year High

The amount of people out of work went up by 48,000 between October to December last year.

It takes the country’s unemployment rate to 8.4 per cent, the worst since 1995.

Sky’s Business Correspondent Alistair Bunkall reports.
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Alex Rossi Looks Into The Reasons Behind Pakistan’s Economic Problems

Energy shortages across Pakistan are crippling the country’s economy and costing businesses millions in lost productivity.

Sky correspondent Alex Rossi reports from the town of Sialkot famous for its footballs, in a country where cricket rules.
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Sky’s Alex Crawford meets armed civilians in Idlib

Sky’s special correspondent Alex Crawford reports from the Syrian city of Idlib, where fear amongst the population is spreading rapidly.

Armed civilians and army defectors patrol the streets night and day, to try and keep their neighbourhoods safe, but the threat of an attack from President Assad’s forces remains strong.
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Sky’s Alex Rossi meets people dependent on cheap medicines in Delhi

Campaigners are warning that new EU trade rules could prevent manufacturers in India from producing copies of European drugs.

Millions of people are dependent on the cheaper generic drugs to treat their medical conditions.

Sky Correspondent Alex Rossi met those protesting against the law change in Delhi.
180 sec.

The Sun’s Associate editor Trevor Kavanagh, speaks to Sky’s Adam Boulton

Managers at the Sun newspaper have reacted furiously after 5 senior journalists were arrested by police investigating payments to public officials.

The paper’s Associate editor Trevor Kavanagh, has lambasted the police operation in The Sun, under the headline “This witch-hunt has put us behind ex-Soviet states on Press freedom’.
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Sky’s Alex Crawford reports from Syria

Sky Correspondent Alex Crawford reports from the Syrian city of Idlib, where residents face the constant danger of government snipers.

Warning: her report contains pictures of a dead body.
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Adele’s Grammy Acceptance Speech

Adele is celebrating triumph at the Grammy Awards after picking up six gongs.

The British soul singer’s awards included album of the year for 21 and best record for Rolling In The Deep.

The 23-year-old had surgery on her vocal cords late last year and had been resting her voice on her doctor’s orders until the music industry’s biggest night.

Taking to the stage for the first time since then, she sang Rolling In The Deep and finished to a standing ovation.

Adele also added song of the year, best pop solo performance, pop vocal and short video to her stack of trophies.
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BAFTA Awards: George Clooney Talks To Sky News

Hollywood star George Clooney speaks to Sky News on the red carpet at the BAFTA Awards.

Other stars who appeared include George Clooney and Meryl Streep.
111 sec.

BAFTA Awards: Brad Pitt Talks To Sky News

Hollywood star Brad Pitt speaks to Sky News on the red carpet at the BAFTA Awards.

Other stars who appeared include George Clooney and Meryl Streep.
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Idlib, Syria: City Prepares For Attack From Assad’s Army

The northern city of Idlib is controlled by the Free Syrian Army – made up of defectors from the government’s forces – but residents are preparing for an attack from Assad’s army.

Troops have reportedly been seen moving outside the city, bringing fears that the violence could be on the scale of what’s already been seen in Homs.

Our special correspondent Alex Crawford is in Idlib and sent this report.
194 sec.

Homs, Syria: Activists Appeal To United Nations For Help

Outside Homs as many as 10,000 Syrian troops have been deployed, according to the Free Syrian Army.

The claim can’t independently be verified, but large numbers of tanks have been seen entering the area.

Civilians are trying to leave the city, fearing a major offensive by Government forces.

Free Syria activist Danny has made a direct appeal to the UN.

More on the news from Syria:
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