Catholic Calculator

What does it mean to BE Catholic? There are some things that act as disqualifies, right?
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Catholic News Roundup 03-05

Today’s stories –
– Catholic Vote Kills Conscience Rights
– Maine Marriage Threatened
– Anglican Bishop Ousted
– GOP Primary Update
– Obama Defines Sin
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Obama Overthrowing the Church

Obama’s ideology is rooted in a twisted and perverse notion of the nature of man, so what does that mean for the Church?
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Catholic News Roundup 03-02

Today’s stories –
– Blunt Injustice
– Public Schools – Private Worship
– Miscarriage Of Justice
– Gay Marriage In Maryland
– Multiplying Mosques
– Gaga’s New Group
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Catholic News Roundup 03-01

Today’s stories –
– Huffpo Anti-Catholic Rant
– Freedom And Infanticide
– Tiny Terrorist
– Tax Confusion
– For the Love Of Dog
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First Aid Kit

In this age, we don’t need to pick up swords and shields to defend the Faith, we need to know the Faith, and know how to fight the lies and falsehoods of those trying to undermine the Faith.
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Santorum and The Vote

Take a look back at the results of the Michigan Republican Primary, and you might be surprised at who is embracing Catholic teaching.
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Catholic News Roundup 02-29

Today’s stories –
– Gag Order
– Homosexual Teaching Agenda
– Vatican Cyber-Siege
– GOP Primary Update
– Sacred Places Profaned
– Sins Of Omission – Hollywood Style
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Take a Poll

With the non-stop stream of polls going on .. we thought we’d get in on the action. Take this poll and share it with your friends and family!
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Catholic Tragedy

You would be hard-pressed to find a more stellar example of the colossal failure of Church leadership in America.
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Catholic News Roundup 02-28

Today’s stories –
– Court Of Public Opinion
– Gay-On-Gay Crime
– Mapping Condom Use
– Secret Sexting
– Legislating Personhood
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Catholic News Roundup 02-27

Today’s stories –
– Texas Takedown
– Sisters Supporting Obamacare
– Monastery Attacked
– GOP Primary Update
– Gay Marriage Goes to School
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Catholic News Roundup 02-24

Today’s stories –
– Court Denies DOMA
– Right of Refusal
– Bishops Behind Bars
– Gay Death Threats
– Numbers Don’t Lie
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Where Does it Say That in the Bible?

The one battle cry that Protestants scream more than any other when slamming Catholic teaching.
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Catholic Faith Defenders

Check out this group of young people from the Philippines.. they defend the Catholic Faith, but it?s how they do it that .. well .. ROCKS!
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Catholic News Roundup 02-23

Today’s stories –
– In Harm’s Way
– Speak For Yourself
– Chilling Arab Spring
– Euthanasia Election Battle
– Condom Correspondence Service
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Catholic News Roundup 02-22

Today’s stories –
– Protestant Revolt
– Court Pressures Obama
– Tenacious Tebow Bill
– GOP Nomination Update
– Congo Catholics Attacked
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The Church is Right!

There is only one remedy for the collapse of a culture. Can you guess what it might be?
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Catholic News Roundup 02-21

Today’s stories –
– Confusing Closings
– New Viability Standard
– Virginia’s Unborn Reconsidered
– Coercing Canadian Children
– Sex-Changes On The Rise
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Bishop Chat

The American influence is being felt by the Universal Church, universally, and the influence is not good.
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Catholic News Roundup 02-20

Today’s stories –
– Referendum Required
– Doubtful Consultation
– Pro-Life Priest Arrested
– GOP Primary Update
– Jefferson’s Jesus
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Even in The Philippines

The media is corrupting the minds of Catholics, not only in the United States but in the Philippines.
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Catholic News Roundup 02-17

Today’s stories –
– Sacred And Profane Victory
– Career Ending Comments
– Outrageous Muslim Influence
– Brewing Truth An Trouble
– Persecution Process
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Obama’s “Gay” Ambassadors

Obama has managed to drop into various countries the sorriest set of diplomats ever to grace the world stage, and the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines is no exception.
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Catholic News Roundup 02-16

Today’s stories –
– Bishops’ Media Blitz
– E-Mail Sting
– One Nation Under Atheism
– Santorum’s Warming Trend
– Catholics Reconsidering Obama
358 sec.