‘US military too weak to invade Iran’

US president Barack Obama has insisted on his country’s unbreakable ties with Israel.

Speaking to reporters alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington on Monday, Obama said the US is committed to the security of Israel and that the two sides’ militaries and intelligence agencies have close consultations on matters related to their foreign policies.

Obama said his discussions with Netanyahu will focus on Iran’s nuclear energy program, adding that his administration is keeping all options on the table for dealing with Iran.

Tehran strongly rejects the allegations. The Islamic Republic stresses that its nuclear energy program is purely civilian.

Press TV talks with Gordon Duff, with Veterans Today from Ohio, to shed more light on the issue.
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Fanning the flames-News Analysis-03-05-2012

Last week anti-government armed groups in Syria said they had received weapon from US, France and some regional countries.

This came a few weeks after some Western and Arab countries including Qatar and Saudi Arabia said they would offer the groups political and financial support.

The Syrian army is engaged in daily fighting with these groups in different parts of the country.

Damascus says over 2000 of security personnel have been killed over the past year.

Last week president Assad endorsed a draft constitution approved by nearly 90 percents of the voters in referendum.

The news constitution was rejected by anti-Assad Arab States and their western allies.

On this edition of News Analysis we will discuss the situation.
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News Bulletin — 10:00 GMT

Press TV reports on the latest news headlines from around the world.
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“Confidence Men” written by Ron Suskind-Epilogue-03-05-2012

In this edition of the show we discuss the book; Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President, written by Ron Suskind.

The hidden history of Wall Street and the White House comes down to a single, powerful, quintessentially American concept: confidence. Both centers of power, tapping brazen innovations over the past three decades, learned how to manufacture it.

In this gripping and brilliantly reported book, Ron Suskind tells the story of what happened next, as Wall Street struggled to save itself while a man with little experience and soaring rhetoric emerged from obscurity to usher in “a new era of responsibility.”

It is a story that follows the journey of Barack Obama, who rose as the country fell, and offers the first full portrait of his tumultuous presidency.

Wall Street found that straying from long-standing principles of transparency, accountability, and fair dealing opened a path to stunning profits.

Obama’s determination to reverse that trend was essential to his ascendance, especially when Wall Street collapsed during the fall of an election year and the two candidates could audition for the presidency by responding to a national crisis.

But as he stood on the stage in Grant Park, a shudder went through Barack Obama. He would now have to command Washington, tame New York, and rescue the economy in the first real management job of his life.

The new president surrounded himself with a team of seasoned players?like Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, and Tim Geithner?who had served a different president in a different time.

As the nation’s crises deepened, Obama’s deputies often ignored the president’s decisions?”to protect him from himself”?while they fought to seize control of a rudderless White House.

Bitter disputes?between men and women, policy and politics?ruled the day. The result was an administration that found itself overtaken by events as, year to year, Obama struggled to grow into the world’s toughest job and, in desperation, take control of his own administration.
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Internet censorship in the West-A Simple Question-03-05-2012

Despite its historic and international reputation for heralding free speech, the United Kingdom has the second strictest censorship of the internet in the European Union.

The UK has a number of laws and policies that restrict the way information can be made public, including some that make it illegal to report on information that the government or corporations are trying to keep secret.

During the London riots, David Cameron ordered the censorship of social networking sites, and his censorship plans have been applauded by China.

Western governments are attempting to put forward laws that further restrict the freedoms of internet usage such as the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), Protect IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

These are all argued to be internet filtering systems and policies on a national and international level that stifle the ability of internet users to discuss, question and critique and risks the internet becoming a tool of political and economic power for the ruling elite.

In this edition of the show we talk to British public about the Freedom of Information in the West and ask; why do you think Western governments engage in censorship and make it illegal for the public to share certain information?
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News Bulletin — 02:00 GMT

Press TV reports on the latest news headlines from around the world.
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BP faces heavy fines in Gulf oil spill settlement

It’s been almost two years since the BP explosion in the Gulf of Mexico that killed eleven workers and had millions of gallons of oil oozing into the Gulf.

Press TV’s Ashantai Hathaway reports from Washington.
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News Bulletin — 22:00 GMT

Press TV reports on the latest news headlines from around the world.
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Amano fails to give clear answers about IAEA report on Parchin

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors has met once more following two reports delivered by its Director General, Yukiya Amano: the first in November on nuclear activities in Iran alleged to have a military dimension, and again following two visits to Tehran recently.

Press TV’s Fabian Pierre reports from Vienna.
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Hundreds of anti-Putin protesters detained in Russia

Thousands of Russians gathered Monday at the Pushkinskaya Square for a massive rally to protest the presidential election results. The protest rally came less than 24 hours after a landslide election victory for Vladimir Putin had secured him a third presidential term.

Press TV’s Kristina Topilskaya reports from Moscow.
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News Bulletin — 18:00 GMT

Press TV reports on the latest news headlines from around the world.
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‘Obama betrays Americans for Israel’

A prominent political analyst says the US government feeds misinformation to its citizens in order to increase support for Israel, while demonizing Iran.

An interview with Sarah Marusek, political analyst
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Alleged spy tools found in Mutasim’s home

There is still no news on the whereabouts of Press TV’s detained reporters in Libya two weeks after they were abducted by a militia group.

The Saraya Swehli militia has held a press conference repeating allegations that Nick Jones and his cameraman Gareth Montgomery Johnson are spies.

The team of two was taken along with two locals on February 22 in Tripoli.
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News Bulletin — 13:00 GMT

Press TV reports on the latest news headlines from around the world.
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Obama loyal to Israel, shuns US public

President Obama has reaffirmed his sacrosanct commitment to the security of Israel, but Israel plans to attack Iran and the majority of Americans are against that.

Interview with Ralph Schoenman, political commentator, Berkeley.?
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Perils of Intervention-Double Standards-03-04-2012

From Somalia to Syria to Iran, the West looks like it wants war with the developing world.

In this episode, Double Standards investigates the so-called NATO “success” in Libya and the chaos left behind as well as the global capitalist crisis, Cherie Blair helping Bahrain, Sarkozy’s friendship with Assad of Syria and US attempts to colonize the moon.

Coming up on t he show, Afshin Rattansi talks to Sabri Malek the spokesperson of the Democratic Party of Libya about the chaos left by the NATO after Gaddafi.

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Esteghlal & Perspolis Derby-Iran-03-04-2012

In this episode of Iran, Arash Ahmadi will show you how Tehran’s major football teams, Esteghlal and Perspolis have Iranians buzzing with excitement.

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100 Second Film Festival-Iran-03-04-2012

In this edition of Iran, Hoda Lezgee reports on the 8th International 100 Second Film Festival which was held on February 23 and 24 in Iran’s capital, Tehran.

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In this part Amir Mehdi Kazemi talks to the 1999 World Kick boxing champion Mehdi Safaei who has established the first Iranian bodyguard company.

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Holiday Shopping-Iran-03-04-2012

Every district of Tehran is good for buying something with numerous shops specialized in that item. In this feature Mahsa Mortazavi tell you all about shopping in this city.

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Put in Kremlin-News Analysis-03-04-2012

The Russian presidential elections has been held and it appears that president Dmitry Medvedev will be passing the government back to the former president Vladimir Putin and if so, this will be Putin’s third term as president.

What are we exactly likely to see from a Putin-led Russia especially as the relations between Moscow and Washington seem to be on the decline?

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Israel pushes US to attack Iran-The Real Deal-03-04-2012

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are in Washington to discuss Iran’s nuclear program.

Israel is pressing for the US to explicitly threaten military action against Iran if sanctions fail to dissuade the country from developing its nuclear energy industry.

Iran has repeatedly said that the nuclear program is a peaceful one and denies that it intends to develop nuclear weapons and that there is no evidence as it is aiming to do so.

Israel has made it known that it will not notify the US before any attack on Iran.

This is while, the Americans have made it clear that they want time for sanctions to take effect.

Meanwhile, a young athlete from Gaza, Bahaa al-Farra, will be competing in the London Olympics together with three other Palestinians from the West Bank.

Bahaa has no job, no sponsorship and only the most rudimentary of training facilities. He will be carrying Palestinian flag in front of a global audience in the opening ceremony and the message is “despite the blockade, despite the attempts to wipe Palestine from the map, Palestine exists and will not be written out of history,” says George Galloway.

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Syrian turmoil-INfocus-03-04-2012

Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March 2011. The West and the Syrian opposition blame the government of President Bashar al-Assad for the turmoil but Damascus says “armed terrorist groups” are responsible for the unrest, which it says is being orchestrated from abroad.

The western city of Homs has been the flashpoint of clashes between Syrian forces and armed gangs.

In this episode of INFocus we travel to Homs and Damascus and shed light on the pain behind the political smoke screen engulfing the country.

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US plans to legally justify targeted killings of Americans

The Obama administration is set to offer legal backing for the targeted killing of American citizens suspected of involvement in terrorist activities against the United States overseas.
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Obama says when chips are down I have Israel’s back

US President Barack Obama says Washington has remained and will remain committed to Israel’s security, despite Tel Aviv atrocities committed against Palestinians.
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