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Top diplomats head to Syria

Syria has agreed to let in three top diplomats, all of whom have said they aim to bring about a political solution to the crisis and to foster dialogue between the government and opposition.
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Eastern Libya seeks semi- autonomy

Tribal leaders and militia commanders in oil-rich eastern Libya have declared their intention to seek semi-autonomy, raising fears that the country might disintegrate following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.

Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC), the interim central government based in the capital Tripoli, has repeatedly voiced its opposition to the creation of a partly autonomous eastern region, warning it could eventually lead to the break-up of the North African nation.
Al Jazeera’s Nicole Johnston reports from Tripoli.
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News Bulletin – 09:35 GMT update

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Cambodian temple gets a makeover

After years of neglect and looting, one of Cambodia’s treasured temples is getting a much-needed renovation.

Computer modelling is helping conservationists map and log thousands of stones belonging to the Banteay Chhmar temple before repairing, and where possible, re-erecting them in their original position.

Al Jazeera’s Stephanie Scawen reports from Cambodia.
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Teaching troubles in Bangladesh

Almost half the population of Bangladesh does not know how to read or write. Authorities want to change this so they have made education free and mandatory until the age of 11.

In coaching centres government teachers can supplement their income by teaching extra classes. Students attending these classes are effectively guaranteed to pass their exams, but the ministry of education wants to ban the centres, saying that teachers and the government have a moral duty to provide schooling to all children.

But new students are flooding government schools, and there are not enough teachers to attend to them.

Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports from Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka.
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Inside Story – Putin: Return of a tsar or reformer?

As Putin returns to serve a third term as president, we ask if Russia is heading in the right direction. Guests: Roman Dobrokhotov; Sergei Alexandrovich Markov; and Federico Varese.
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Inside Story Americas – Is the US oil spill issue really settled?

British oil giant BP’s settlement may have satisfied thousands of victims of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill but it has not settled many remaining crucial issues. What’s next? Guests: Randa Fahmy Hudome, Tyler Suitors, Monique Harden.
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Karachi jail to ease overcrowding

Prisons in Pakistan have some of the worst reputations for terrible conditions in the region and are often overcrowded.

However, a new approach to deal with the problem in one Karachi jail is trying to change this impression.

Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder reports from Karachi.
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Israeli PM: Iran nuclear aims must end

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has warned his country has the right to defend iteself against Iran.
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US ‘shock jock’ stirs up airwaves

Rush Limbaugh, one of the most popular conservative radio hosts in the US, is infamous for his controversial and often off-colour remarks.

Dubbed a political “shock jock”, Limbaugh’s show is broadcast on some 600 radio stations across the country, where he earns millions talking up Republican policies and opposing Democratic ones.

But he faced wide criticism for offensive remarks he made about a female student who had spoken up in favour of Obama administration plans to make insurance companies pay for birth control – including pressure from his advertisers – which resulted in him issuing a rare apology live on-air.

Al Jazeera’s John Terrett reports.
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Thousands rally against Putin’s poll victory

Arrests of protesters reported in Moscow and Saint Petersburg a day after presidential vote criticised by observers.
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US Republican rivals prepare for Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday, the biggest day of the US Republican presidential battle, is just hours away, when Republican voters in ten states across the nation will make their voices heard.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum are locked in a fierce battle for Ohio’s 66 delegates and the momentum that a win here could bring their campaigns.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Boston on who’s spending what to try and win.
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The Stream – ‘Blackwashing’ and the Israel lobby

Are pro-Israel groups recruiting minority students to thwart human rights critics?

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with journalist and author Max Blumenthal and Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large of
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Cure in sight for blind Peruvians

Doctors have discovered an extremely high rate of blindness in a remote Peruvian village where seven generations of people in Paran have a disease which causes eye damage from a young age. Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez reports.
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Afghan army training faces challenges

As fears of Taliban infiltration mount, there is more pressure to get 195,000 Afghan soldiers through training by 2013.

But increased attacks by Afghans on NATO allies raise more questions about training.

Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports.
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Netanyahu: Israel to make its own decisions

Israel “reserves the right” to act unilaterally against Iran’s nuclear programme, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu told US president Barack Obama on Monday. Al Jazeera speaks to Trita Parsi, from the National Iranian American Council for hi
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Thousands rally against Putin’s poll victory

International monitors have declared Russia’s election unfair and say the result was skewed in Vladimir Putin’s favour. Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports.
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Jonah Hull on the Russia elections

Thousands of Russians have gathered in Moscow for a rally to challenge Vladimir Putin’s victory in Russia’s presidential election.

Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from Moscow.
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Yemeni journalist Hakim al Masmari says Yemeni officials tipped fighters off

Hakim Al Masmari, editor at the Yemen post, speaks to Al Jazeera TV live from Sanaa about al-Qaeda linked fighters being tipped off about access to military bases by various officials in the Yemeni government.
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News Bulletin – 14:35GMT update

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ICRC’s Saleh Dabbakeh on Homs aid convoy

Saleh Dabbakeh, the spokesperson of the International Committee of the Red Cross speaks to Al Jazeera about its aid convoy in Homs.
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NATO hedges bets on arming Syrian opposition

The Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen speaks to Al Jazeera from Brussels, who gives his perspective on whether it’s too late to start arming the Syrian opposition.

“Syria is not Libya,” he says.
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