Webcast: Super Tuesday 2012; iPad HD

today’s webcast: including Apple rumors about the next generation iPad – expected to be announced tomorrow.

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Pig Racing in Texas

These pigs – of all shapes & sizes – are really hamming it up for the crowd.

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Mom Protects Kids, Loses Legs in Tornado

Survivors of deadly tornadoes share their stories of sacrifice.
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Tornado Outbreak Caught on Tape

Dozens of tornados left 39 people dead across six states.

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Rush Limbaugh Apologizes: Too Little, Too Late?

Nine sponsors pull their ads after talk radio host calls Sandra Fluke a “slut.”

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Nick Cannon Interview on ‘GMA’: Discusses Lupus-Like Autoimmune Disease, How He’s Changed as a Dad

The entertainer talks about being diagnosed with autoimmune disease.

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Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke Fallout: Advertisers Continue to Peel-Off Show Despite Aplogy

GOP nominees, leaders challenged to disavow recent comments made by radio host.

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Tornado Video 2012: Storm Chaser Yells ‘Oh, No, Get Back!’ As Twister Approaches

Ginger Zee reveals damage from hard-hit areas where tornados have left 39 dead. For a related story go here:
152 sec.

Tornado Video 2012: Unbelieveable Footage Shows Survival, Devastating Loss

Matt Gutman speaks with Liberty, Ky., residents after tornados hit the area. For a related story go here:
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Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke Fallout: Romney ‘Missed Opportunity’ to Take on Radio Host

Analyst says GOP front-runner should have challenged radio host’s “slut” remark. For a related story go here:
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Webcast: Pippa Middleton Goes Skiing

today’s top stories: 56 miles later, Pippa Middleton finished a cross county skiing event this weekend.

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David Axelrod Interview on ABC’s ‘This Week”

Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod said that “no one should doubt the president’s resolve” on Iran, and that President Obama and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have the same objective of preventing Iran from producing a nuclear weapon.
President Obama is set to meet with Netanyahu tomorrow at the White House for a critical summit on Iran’s nuclear efforts.
“Let’s first stipulate that there’s no difference between the United States and Israel on the issue of whether Iran should get a nuclear weapon,” Axelrod told me on “This Week.” “They’re going to sit down and they are going to talk through the tactics involved, but no one should doubt the president’s resolve.”
“Not just because of the security of Israel, but because of the security of the United States of America,” Axelrod added. “It is important that Iran not get a nuclear weapon.”

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Super Tuesday: Who Will be Victorious?

Mitt Romney heads into the big day with momentum after winning Washington State.
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Tornadoes Sweep Across America: Marysville Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama and Others

A string of violent storms scratched away small towns in Indiana and cut off rural communities in Kentucky as an early season tornado outbreak killed more than 30 people, and the death toll rose as daylight broke on Saturday’s search for survivors.
Massive thunderstorms, predicted by forecasters for days, threw off dozens of tornadoes as they raced Friday from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes. Twisters that crushed entire blocks of homes knocked out cellphones and landlines alike, ripped power lines from broken poles and tossed cars, school buses and tractor-trailers onto roadways made impassable by debris.
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Washington State Caucus 2012: Last Contest on Primary Schedule Before Crucial Super Tuesday

Washington state holds its caucus on Saturday, and it will mark the last chance for a candidate to claim a victory heading into Super Tuesday on March 6.

Washington is proceeding with its voting contests differently this year. In 2008 Washington split presidential voting contests and awarded half of its delegates through a caucus and half through a primary. This year, Washington canceled its primary altogether as part of its budget cuts, opting to hold only a caucus, which will be run by the state Republican party rather than the state government.

In Washington, voters do not register by state party, so the caucus is open to all registered voters. In 2008, turnout was relatively strong for the primary ? 529,932 votes were cast, 11 percent of the eligible voting population.

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Tornadoes Tear Apart the Heartland

Massive wave of twisters devastate the Midwest and South, killing at least six.
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When ‘I Do’ Becomes ‘I Don’t’

Mormon man can’t forgive fiancee’s premarital sex.
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Sandra Fluke, Called ‘Slut’ by Rush Limbaugh, Receives Phone Call From President Obama

Rush Limbaugh accused for sexist remarks amid contraception controversy.

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Tapes Show Romney as Washington Insider?

Video from 2002 contradicts Mitt Romney’s claim as a political “outsider.”

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Cell Phone Jammer Allows Bus Rider to Jam Cell Phone Signals

Rider sick of loud conversations during travel takes matters into his own hands…illegally.

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Teacher Leaves Family for Student: James Hooker, Jordan Powers Respond to Firestorm

“I know my family is probably disappointed in me,” James Hooker, 41, said. “They’re probably confused in what we’re doing. I’m not sure how to explain it to them. … I am just following my heart and this is the direction I’m going in.”
At issue, however, is when the relationship between Hooker and 18-year-old girlfriend Jordan Powers truly began, and whether Hooker broke any laws. For more on this story, click here:–abc-news.html
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Rush Limbaugh Calls a Female Georgetown Student, Sandra Fluke, a ‘Slut’

The social issues debate re-ignited on Capitol Hill today when senators killed a proposal to throw out President Obama’s contraception mandate. Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh was thrust into the center of the debate after he called the woman who was denied the right to speak on the controversial all-male conception panel at a hearing last month a “slut” on his show Wednesday. The issue heated up more today when Limbaugh took his comments even further. For more on this story, click here:
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Justin Bieber Birthday: Star Turns 18 in Style on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Pop sensation Justin Bieber turned 18 today, and he celebrated his big day with a very special appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.”
Bieber is a frequent guest on the show and DeGeneres is a gushing supporter of his. While being interviewed for today’s show, DeGeneres told him that his manager, Scooter Braun, had a special gift he wanted to give him on the show. For more on this story, click here:
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Webcast: FBI Cyber Security; Wilt Chamberlain

today’s top stories: including a 50-year anniversary for late basketball superstar Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game.

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Teacher Leaves Family for Student, Quits Job; Student Drops Out

She’s 18, he’s 41, but Mom claims it all started when her daughter was a minor.
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