spin spin spin

no literally im dizzy now
478 sec.

🙂 happy hooping

240 sec.

in my groove

ignore pandora talking at the end haha
191 sec.

what happens when i put on music and attempt to clean

music just makes me all hoopy
239 sec.

meet me half way, LED hooping

250 sec.

Someone like you, LED hooping

272 sec.

She wolf LED hooping

180 sec.

New LED 2- Breeze

44 sec.

New LED 1- Liquid Swirl

29 sec.

ill hoop till i cant hoop no more

186 sec.

it was 2 am… judge me

197 sec.

hoopy to santana

249 sec.

hoop hoop hoop

207 sec.

did i make this up??

Ive never seen anyone do this so i think maybe i made it up kinda lol
sorry if i copied anyone its unintentional i promise
10 sec.

Just goofing off and practicing

187 sec.

Possibly the first time ive ever had a little bit of flow

208 sec.

linear isolations i think

im hoping this is easier to see with a darker hoop
28 sec.

linear isolation?

i think im doing this right?? doesnt help that i have a white hoop and white walls huh…
39 sec.

Successful Chest roll!!

Literally got this on like the 5th try… i think i need to move on to harder stuff
7 sec.

First real attempt with hand tricks

i wanna get good at these because ill have an LED in a few days and it will look cool!!!
any tips etc are totally welcome
636 sec.

Shoulder Duck Out Hoop Trick Tutorial!

Im not very good at explaining things but if this helps please let me know!!!!
If you want me to make any other tutorials I will!
116 sec.

hula hooping on new years eve!!

198 sec.

just hoop practice

i just record this all to keep track of my progress!
204 sec.

hoopy doopy

169 sec.

hooping and stuff

202 sec.