Little Black Submarines Lyrics (The Black Keys)

DISCLAIMER: All rights go to The Black Keys and their album “El Camino” (co-produced by Danger Mouse) released by Nonesuch Records. Pictures are not mine.

Just a fan lyric video.

I couldn’t quite tell whether Dan was singing “they get lost and out of time” or “they get lost in and out of time.” I chose to use the former cause that’s what makes sense to me and what I was hearing strongest. My apologies if there are mistakes I didn’t catch! Enjoy
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What the Water Gave Me (correct Lyrics) – Florence + The Machine

All Rights to Florence + The Machine and their record label

Truly remarkable song. Mythological Lyrics = A+
I did my best to piece out the correct lyrics. There were a lot of slightly wrong versions out there. I’m a bit OCD so I had to create one with the lyrics I heard.
My apologies if there are mistakes I didn’t catch! Enjoy!
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Warm Whispers Cover with Lyrics

All Rights to Missy Higgins and the people that made her music possible. Not Mine.

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. Finally finished up thanks to some supportive friends. Where would I be without them.
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Fast Car Cover with lyrics

*All Right are those of Tracy Chapman and her label*

Love this woman. She’s a lyric genius and socially aware. Instead of the capo on the 2nd fret I kicked it up to the 4th. Tracy’s got that great low voice that I could not manage well. Thank you, Tracy for creating such a beautiful (albeit sad) song.
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Little Black Sandals Cover w/ Lyrics

All Rights are Sia’s and the people who helped create her music. not me at all

picture is not mine either

*The lyrics in the video are the words that I sang. There are a few minor differences in the original lyric. Instead of her responding, “So I say” the actual lyric is “So I shout” and then instead of “It’s nice to know I got brains down there somewhere at least” it’s actually, “I’m glad somehow I got brains down there at least”

This is a pretty simple cover of Sia’s Little Black Sandals. I might make some small changes in the future. But it is what it is right now – and I’d like to share it. This song has a special place in my heart.
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How to Train Your Dragon Soundtrack – Forbidden Friendship

This is my congratulations post to John Powell for getting an Oscar Nomination for his work on How to Train You Dragon. I’ve only recently been listening to his work. Thus far, I have never been disappointed. He’s always great for energetic, powerful, and rich sounds.

Song: Forbidden Friendship
Composer: John Powell
Album: How to Train Your Dragon (Original Music from the Motion Picture)

All Rights to Original Owners (not met)
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Lovely Day (DJ Eleven Remix Do-Over)

Ashley, can’t thank you enough for sharing this with me. I love love love this song

Disclaimer: This song is absolutely not mine. Original by Bill Withers with remix done by DJ Eleven.
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Adele – Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

Song: Set Fire to the Rain
Artitst: Adele
All Rights Are to the Original Owners (not me)

One of my favorites from Adele’s latest album 21

Disclaimer: None of this is mine. All is Adele’s

did the best I could do with the lyrics. Mistakes happen, if you find one feel free to drop it in the comment box. Enjoy!
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Rolling in the Deep (Dan Clare Club Remix)

Adele’s Rolling in the Deep (Dan Clare Club Remix)
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Des Ark – Peace to you too, motherf*cker

I was in a music crisis, Rachel had a random cd in her backpack, and she offered it to me. This song was on there and I loved it. It really pulled at my gut.

The lyrics:
If I ever have a friend who knows my hell
He’ll tie a savior rope to the backyard well
So if I change my mind when I get down
I’ll pull my body up before I drown

And if I ever have a lover who finds my pain
I will leave his ass in the fire and the rain
Because a man who knows, still he stays
That ain’t no man who you’d want around

If I ever have a child, and in her eyes
I see the same kind of hurt that I had in mine
I know the devil don’t go once he came twice
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Nighttime Visits

Love John Powell for work like this. Creative, exciting, emotional compositions

This is from the I Am Sam Original Motion Picture Score
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A Wonderful Phrase by Gandhi

This was on The Books Album “The Way Out” titled, A Wonderful Phrase by Gandhi. And yes, I agree very much
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For All the Widows in Paradise Cover

This is an ukulele cover Sufjan Steven’s “For all the Widows in Paradise, For all the Fatherless in Ypsilanti” It’s a gorgeous song with some religious undertones. And even though I am not particularly religious, I treasure these lyrics. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The photos are not mine. And the song was originally done by Sufjan.
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Breathe Me Cover

I covered this song a while back but I never really wanted to make a video to go with it. The original song is very close to my heart and my cover does not compare with the real thing. But I’m sending my love to Sia anyways. She’s a brilliant musician and seems like a genuinely weird person. I like. I hope you like too.

Disclaimer: “Breathe Me” belongs to Sia.
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Fix You Cover

Some pictures of Banksy’s work I compiled. The music is a “Fix You” cover done on the ukulele. The original song is of course done by Coldplay and I would never dream of saying it was mine (so don’t sue me). Enjoy!
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Rosie Revisited, Revised, and Retold

This is my work sample piece for my final project in my Site-Specific Performance course featuring music by The Books and The Go! Team. Disclaimer, none of the photos are mine, neither is the music, of course. However, the female voice in the beginning is part of an interview I conducted for the project. Also the 1940’s voices are not mine and have been edited from a 1940’s model commercial.
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Lady Gaga “I Like it Rough” Cover

This is an acoustic cover of Lady Gaga’s “I Like it Rough” and a tribute to some of my favorite celebrity men.
DISCLAIMER – the original song is obviously not might and so are none of the pictures (for the exception of that my cute baby photo)
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Nepal 2009 with Let Go ukulele cover

This is a compilation of photos I took during the spring season of my gap year in Nepal while volunteering with The Mountain Fund, based in Kathmandu. I met some pretty amazing people during my stay, those of whom I will never forget. I’m using a cover I did of Frou Frou’s Let Go.
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