How To Make Fruit Punch

Today I show you how to make a deliciously refreshing fruit punch. This fruit punch recipe is perfect for any occasion! even funerals. It’s incredibly easy to make, the whole process only takes a couple of minutes. If you would prefer not to include any alcohol you can simply remove it, or add more; It’s entirely up to you. This fruit punch goes down a real treat during summer time! Simply follow the easy step by step instructions & you’ll produce a delicious batch of fruit punch that is guaranteed to refresh you & make you feel great. Enjoy!

4 Bowls Ice
2 Oranges
150g Blackberries
125g Blueberries
3 Kiwi Fruit
2 Bananas
250g Strawberries
2 Apples
1 Pear
1 Lemon
150g Gummy Bears

200ml Vodka
150ml Lime Cordial
200ml Blackcurrant Syrup
350ml Orange Juice
300ml Apple Juice
400ml Lemonade
330ml Coconut Water
300ml Water

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