Battlefield 3 – Jet Swap

SU-35BM hot on my tail. Javelin missiles locked on from the ground. Flares wouldn’t do any good. There was only one reasonable option.

Music – Battlefield 1943 Theme
68 sec.

Battlefield 3 – LAV meets Jet

“Sure you can drive the LAV-25 in water,” they said, “it’s amphibious!” they said.
68 sec.

Rock Bottom

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, I’ve been busy.
14 sec.

RendeZook (Only in Battlefield 3 Edit)

My entry in the “Only In Battlefield 3 Community Video Challenge”.

Also handy if you hate the A-Team theme.

Learn a bit of Battlefield history will ya?
41 sec.

RendeZook (Long Version)

Zook at 3:35

I push my luck at 5:25

I shot at the tower at 2:25 because I saw some sniper sitting there a few minutes before.

And I guess TahFlash got his sweet, sweet revenge for 3:30 at the very end.
375 sec.

Battlefield 3 – RendeZook

I love it when a plan comes together.

Longer version for your scrutiny:

Know your roots:

Music from The A-Team
30 sec.

Never Stop Zookin

Over two billion dollars worth of military equipment was destroyed to bring you this video.

Lack of Afro – Contusions (
The New Mastersounds – Idris (
292 sec.

No Jet Left Behind

The pilot flees in the burning aircraft. Before ejecting, he wonders, “What the fuck just happened?”

(Music) The Budos Band – Chicago Falcon
20 sec.

BF3 – RPG vs Jet

A jet takes a bold strike at me, and loses. I didn’t get any points though, what the heck?

UPDATE: I posted this mainly because it confused me. Weird stuff happens when you hit jets with rockets. Now I’m entertained by the intense drama in the comments.
35 sec.

Battlefield 3 – MAVsacre

I was gravely disappointed to find out that we can’t attach C4 to the MAV anymore, but I won’t let that stop my reign of terror.

Music – Minute of the Robots (Jean Jacques Perrey)
50 sec.

Sticky Jumper Buff (Sept 15 2011)

So it’s like a legitimate thing now? How boring.

I think I might quit.
6 sec.

Sticky Jumper + Nucleus = lol

Who needs an Ullapool Caber when you can just exploit two-year-old map bugs?

I made a video pretty much exactly like this one back in January. I decided not to upload it because that would encourage people to use this dumb abusive exploit. It will probably get you server banned anyway.

Now I’m just mad because the Sticky Jumper got nerfed, so whatever.

Sorry about the jerkiness of the video, but it’s damn hard to find a decent Arena server with Replay enabled, so I had to use old-fashioned demo files.

Oh and I’m using FrankenHUD by the way.

Music – Andrea Bocelli – Con Te Partiro
96 sec.

what have I done?

how did I get here I am going to be sick
15 sec.

doing some science

it works cause of like, physics and shit
39 sec.

Why the Sticky Jumper is the best weapon.

The Sticky Jumper and Ullapool Caber in action in a 10v10 arena round.

I normally just go by “Stun_gravy”, but I changed my name so I could be as 1337 as possible. Just a few rounds later the change payed off big time.

Also, cowonmars is just joking, he knows I’m not actually hacking.

UPDATE: The Sticky Jumper no longer blocks self-inflicted explosive damage, but the 2x damage vulnerabilities were eventually removed too.
57 sec.