BF3 Remix – bigMooney06 Goes Splat

Here’s a quick one. I know I haven’t done one in FOREVER, but I’ve been busy.

Sorry about the VID quality, but my vid converter took a shit, so I have to use a backup, which obviously isn’t that great. But the audio is what counts and it’s all good.

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104 sec.

Christmas meets Battlefield 3

What do you do when your house is covered in over seven thousand computer controlled Christmas lights? You synchronize them to the Battlefield 3 theme song. Duh.

*** UPDATE ***

Due to everyone asking, I use the following equipment to pull this off: – 6, 16 Channel controllers – 10 Rainbow Floods w/ 2 Rainbow Brains
127 sec.

Jayes Boss Gunzz

Jaye becomes a sound engineer/producer for DICE.
42 sec.

BFBC2 Remix – I Can Remix That!

SpecOps Delta gets his live comm remixed.

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101 sec.

Jayes’ Beat Box – BFBC2 Remix

Jaye shows us his nuts.

Check out the original vid here:

A little beat boxing with a little Max Headroom.
113 sec.

Shotgun Rage – DCRU Colin

I tried something a little different with this one. Let me know what you think.

“My squadmate is totally oblivious that I hate the USA.”
90 sec.

The Russian Badger – dehydrated

What happens when you boil down a Russian Badger video? You’re left with this.

I did this for the LoLeZ.

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87 sec.

lolnippleslol – DCRU Remix

Quick remix.

DCRU Colin says “nipple cream”, “pee pee” and laughs. A LOT.

Couldn’t let Colins’ Nipple commentary go untouched.

And this video PROVES I’m stuck in the 4th grade.
68 sec.

Down the Throat – DCRU Remix

Another DIRTY remix by CoasterBP.

The “Hobo/Jaye” relationship is exposed. StonefaceLock burps. Hilarity ensues. Enjoy!

DCRU Hoboinarmy
DCRU Jayekaiser
DCRU StoneFace

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Thanks for watching!

Music and editing by: CoasterBP
123 sec.

Jayes “Oh Crap!” Remix

Remix of JayeKaisers’ live commentary. Music and editing by: CoasterBP. Enjoy!
125 sec.

DCRU Remix

Quick and dirty remix of a night of gaming with the DCRU….
***WARNING*** Nasty, nasty language.
116 sec.

Millie gets her Muttluks

So, for Christmas, we got Millie some “Muttluks” to wear for when we go hiking… this was attempt number 2 at putting them on…
215 sec.

Donn gets the Shocker at LMA

Donn Lamkin falls victim to the shocking book at LMA.
47 sec.