Fireworks in Las Vegas 2012 New Year’s Eve (1/2)

Las Vegas Fireworks on NYE 2012!
(Part 1)
108 sec.

Fireworks in Las Vegas 2012 New Year’s Eve (2/2)

Las Vegas Fireworks on NYE 2012!
(Part 2)
121 sec.

EFFICACY Salakida Episode 72

312 sec.

EFFICACY Roxy Cottontail Episode 80

538 sec.

EFFICACY Rose Hart Episode 86

329 sec.

EFFICACY Planet Hip Hop w DJ Boo Episode 88

898 sec.


584 sec.

EFFICACY Margot B Episode 71

474 sec.

EFFICACY Mahasin Episode 73

393 sec.

Efficacy Kristopher Lamont Episode 78

454 sec.

EFFICACY Jovia Episode 75

551 sec.

EFFICACY JeBron Episode 77

446 sec.

EFFICACY Jalyn Episode 69

133 sec.

EFFICACY Honey LaRochelle Episode 87

152 sec.

EFFICACY Genesis Be Episode 70

395 sec.

EFFICACY Esnavi Episode 84

200 sec.

EFFICACY Curtis Santiago Episode 76

391 sec.

EFFICACY Carmen Rodgers Episode 79

795 sec.

EFFICACY Bring it Back Tour Episode 83

210 sec.

EFFICACY Adrienne Mack Davis Episode 81

158 sec.

Onili – Sentimental (Video Mash Up Version)

After hitting SXSW 2010, Tel Aviv’s indie-pop act Onili goes wild in this genius video mash-up teaser clip for her single “Sentimental”.
107 sec.

The Efficacy – Avery Sunshine

Avery Sunshine- Singer/songwriter/pianist – Debut album self-titled drops this week. Here she gives us a sneak peak of “Pinin” on the keys. She’s also starring in “I Dream”- The life and journey of Dr. Martin Luther King. A musical opening on July 9th in Atlanta- Alliance Stage.
428 sec.

The Efficacy – The Beatards

A trio of orphans, whose sound originated in the bayous of Louisiana, The Beatards have made their home in New York City. The three eclectic innovators: DJO, Chuck Wild, and UTK the INC, started the innovative MIXTAPE RIOT! parties. The Beatards blend a popular variety of hip-hop, electronic and international sounds that reflect upon the band’s diverse individual backgrounds and collective global experience. The Beatards make music for the NEW generation. Don’t be afraid of these big bad beats. After all, some things are better outside of the box. They just released the hot hot
F&*K a Label- Great stuff! Check out more at
161 sec.

The Efficacy – Premonition

Spawned from the lineage of that clever get-freshness. Prem willingly took the torch of the great writers, lovers and warriors of the past. An emcee in every sense of the word Prem dug from beneath the norms to find what it meant to be a great and enduring presence. Nurtured by the suburbs he found his only outlet a safe refuge of dusty records and literary classics. Inspired and influenced by Kool G Rap and Keruoac, Dylan and Dostoevsky, Gangstarr and Tom Waits, Prem became a fusion of the creative world he imagined. The debut album ‘The Build’ is out now and available as a free download on
236 sec.

The Efficacy – Sandra St. Victor (Part 2)

Part II was recorded in the closet at her Birthday party. Also celebrating the release of brand new EP called “At My Spheres” produced by Mark De Clive-Lowe.

This singer/songwriter has been captivating audiences with her special blend of R&B, pop, rock and gospel for over a decade now. First as a member of innovative trio Family Stand. Now a soulstress in her own right. Living in Amsterdam and why not! Cultivating the scene over there and producing great music. I ran into Sandra at the Roots Jam back in Summer- got reacquainted and been in touch ever since! Check out
283 sec.