Skyrim: Modern Dovahkiin

An epic rock rendition of the song “Son’s of Skyrim”, featuring BYU’s Men’s Chorus, 180 strong. We set out to make a modern day skyrim video that was actually set IN Skyrim! It just so happens that we are surrounded by mountains that look just like the game! Get ready to rock out with your dragon shout in the epic world of Skyrim!

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Huge Thanks to Dr. Rosalind Hall and the BYU Men’s Chorus (http://menschorus.byu.edu/) for giving us this awesome performance!

Jake Justice (http://www.jake-justice.com) arranged and orchestrated the music. Check out his work!

Blickenstaff’s (http://www.blickenstaffs.com) provided some necessary props and wardrobe to make Skyrim as real as possible! [That Beastly War Helmet]

Thanks to SEO VOD (http://www.SEOVOD.com/) for lending us some of their video equipment for the shoot!

Justin Jensen (http://tinyurl.com/7mopswz) did the post production sound mix! He is a beast!

We recorded live brass for this video! Thank you to Jessica White – Trumpet, Ali Atkinson – Trumpet, Spencer Park – French Horn, Corinne Cook – French Horn, Curtis Biggs – Trombone, Austin Bushman – Bass Trombone. Big thank you to Richard Williams (http://richardmusic.com/) for conducting and for Midi Orchestration. Check out his stuff too!!

Stephen Newman helped with some of the guitar work in the song as well. He’s in a band called the whits! (http://www.youtube.com/user/wearethewhits?ob=0)

Matt Morrell (https://twitter.com/#!/matt_morrell) helped us film the BTS and helped with the Visual Effects as well!

Eirik Scoville (http://www.youtube.com/aldrnari) lended us his ebony war-axe of facemelting [Guitar].

Here’s a link to where you can download the song for free! http://www.box.com/s/3zq463zh101gjktqy4yu Enjoy!

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168 sec.

Real Life Goldeneye 64

Mike tries out a new Goldeneye 64 mod and learns an eternal truth – NOTHING is more frustrating than trying to escort Natalya to safety in Goldeneye 64! NOTHING!

Thanks to Jake Justice for the awesome music! Check out his website! http://www.jake-justice.com

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Filmed on a GoPro HD Hero 2!
219 sec.

Valentine’s Heartbreaker

This one’s for all you heart breakers out there! You know who you are! This valentines day, try to be kind to those around you. And by all means, please, don’t shoot anybody. Down. (Too hard…)

Thanks to Steven Jay Brown (www.youtube.com/JayBirdEntertainment) for acting in this video for us!

You guys all ROCK!!
83 sec.

America’s Trollin’

America will NEVER prank call Russia again.

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Special thanks to Zuso for letting us use their HQ!

Filmed on Canon 7D!
176 sec.

Exploding Snot ROCKETS

I had a HUGE snot rocket. Like, literally, a snot rocket. It exploded and everything. Check it out!

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76 sec.

Lazy Jedi

Master Dave just doesn’t feel motivated today. With great power eventually comes great laziness.

Thanks to Dave Ackerman for helping out on this video! Check out his channel here! http://www.youtube.com/user/scratchmybackerman?feature=chclk

Filmed on a Canon 7D. You guys rock!
129 sec.

Christmas Story 2046

So… I was up in my attic and I found this video card from the future… are these my descedants? WTF?
67 sec.

Rubber Band of Brothers

In a world where rubber bands are the only weapons, an elite squad must rescue a high-value hostage deep in the mountains.

Rubber band guns courtesy of Blickenstaffs! Visit them at http://www.blickenstaffs.com

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Like us on Facebook! (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Warialasky/314877168529736)

Filmed on Canon 7D
303 sec.

Butch Sanderson – Last Human on Earth

In a post apocalyptic world, Butch Sanderson is the last man on earth… or so he thinks.

Since zombies overran the earth 15 years ago, Butch Sanderson has been hunting and killing every zombie he can find.

Filmed on a Canon 7D. In the mountains. It was freezing cold.

Thanks for watching!!
302 sec.

Imaginary War Zone – EPIC

Did you ever imagine that you were in a war zone as a kid? There was always that one kid that refused to be shot and would never die. Are these guys too old to still be doing this? … No way!

Special thanks to The Nobody (http://www.youtube.com/user/thenobodyproduction)

Filmed on a Canon 7D.

You guys rock!
260 sec.

Zombie + Spongebob Laugh = The Second Most Insane Video On The Internet

Apparently zombies hate the Spongebob laugh. Who knew, right?

Music: “Face The Darkness” by Morphamish (http://www.blacklanternmusic.com)

Filmed on a Canon 7D. Audio recorded on the Zoom H4n digital audio recorder. The zombie was 100% CG. No humans were harmed in the making of this film.
221 sec.

Super Hot Wings Showdown

A chase and showdown. Wing challenges are sacred and important, YOU DO NOT MESS WITH THE HOT WING CHALLENGE!

Music by Matt Head: http://www.matthewheadproductions.com/
208 sec.


An intense winter chase through the mountains.
138 sec.

Roommate Tension

Two roommates get into a fight over who’s food Kyle is eating.
142 sec.

Answer – Short Film

A very short film about finding meaning in life. Original.
Written, directed and edited by myself.
Music by Parker Sperry; http://www.youtube.com/user/JOJOFACE
Acting by Mike Brown; http://www.youtube.com/user/IsanWilshireIII
Lighting and story collaboration by Landon Sperry; http://www.youtube.com/user/lando3k
181 sec.

Slow CG rain

I added rain to this test shot in post to see how it would look, and also to to simulate a depth of field shift from the actor to the foreground rain. Filmed on a Canon HV20, Vixia.
18 sec.

CG rain and slow motion

This is footage I shot with a buddy of mine on a Canon HV20. This video was created to test the “pixel motion” slow-mo as opposed to frame blending. As it is, 3 out of every 4 frames during the slow motion part are computer generated. Aside from the sloppy roto I did for the background rain, and the fact that I added probably 10 times more rain than I needed to (for dramatic effect), I feel that the slow motion portion turned out alright.
16 sec.