sleepy cats song

A song about my cats.
70 sec.

Things in my house that I like and think are cool…

…things in my house that I like and think are cool?
135 sec.

Marvin & Leia

We got Marvin a little cat present and Leia decided she liked it…Marv looks a little upset…
97 sec.


Me being cattacked by Leia.
34 sec.

Festive Cheer

Putting up the Christmas tree and seeing in Dougie’s 23rd birthday.
233 sec.

Space shuttle launch

Space shuttle Discovery STS-131 launch on April 5th 2010. The most amazing thing I have ever seen.
228 sec.

McFLY – The Board of Progress

Dougie was given the task to create the progress board. This is the board where we write all the songs on and what needs to be done. This simple task proved to be a little more challenging than it first appeared…
205 sec.

Marvin Vs Tickles

My Marvin taking on some strangers cat called Mr Tickles who just wanders in and out of our house!
41 sec.

Dougie’s airport birthday.

Dougie getting some Spanish love at the airport on his birthday.
57 sec.

Mayhem in Madrid airport.

Our fans welcoming us to Madrid for the 2nd time.
46 sec.

5 colours, Minehead

This is us not knowing what we’re doing and recovering with style…
135 sec.

Dannys Fireworks!

Danny does a pretty awesome firework display every year. Please stay safe and don’t copy us!!!!!
105 sec.

Checking out – McFLY style!

Leaving the hotel in Holland on our recent tour.
97 sec.

Lies in Paris part 2

Sweaty sweaty sweaty
42 sec.

Lies in Paris

Was the hottest show we’ve ever played! Had to get a little naked. Paris rocked our socks off.
76 sec.

Too Close For Comfort…

We were Dougie-less tonight so me and Dan played a few rare songs acoustically. Doug watched!
71 sec.

Tonight on stage in Germany.

Our first gig in Germany. Was kick ass!
63 sec.

Falling in love in Madrid.

Awesome gig. Love hearing you all sing like this.
70 sec.

Checking out our guitars.

Waiting to soundcheck in Madrid, thought i’d show you our guitars.
116 sec.

A warm welcome from Madrid.

Landing in Madrid for the first day of our European tour.
149 sec.

John Williams – Star Wars!

One of the best moments of my life! Hopefully I wont get in trouble for posting this!
374 sec.

LA we have arrived!

The John Williams gang just leaving the airport.
47 sec.

Walking out on stage is awesome.

Think this was on our first trip to Brazil when we played Sao Paulo.
21 sec.

Super long fan letter.

We got a few of these super long letters whilst we were out in South America…this was the only one with a Butty at the end though.
60 sec.

Arriving in another country!

56 sec.