Joel Furtado – Demo Reel

This is my 2011 demo reel, featuring some personal animation work I’ve done over the past year.
To check out more of my work, visit my site
86 sec.

Zelda: The Lost Oracle Trailer

I’m a huge fan of the Zelda series, and decided to create a trailer for a new game in the series. My friend Cam Wiest did the sound, For all you Zelda fans out there, enjoy 🙂

For more of my work, check out my site
56 sec.

Spider bot

Animation test of spider robot rig, Everything but the model is done by me.
21 sec.

tree for two

Tree for Two was my student film, completed in 8 months at Emily Carr Instutute of Art and Design in 2006.
383 sec.

ELANS cbc broadcast

broadcast on cbc of the ELANS, (Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts)
275 sec.