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TRAINS-4MERS – Behind the Scenes

Another late night recording lines for TRAINS-4MERS, our most elaborate and labor-intensive family project yet.

Music composed by Joshua Peterson:
287 sec.


Soundtrack now available on iTunes:

Thomas and Vector are back at last with an all new bus smashing, spider stomping, lens flaring adventure. We love you, J. J. Abrams!

Featuring the talents of:

James Farr –
Claire Roby –
Vector Farr –
Piotr Walczuk –
Lesley Lyon –
Joshua Peterson –
417 sec.

TRAINS-FORM3RS – Behind The Scenes

Cartoons are hard work, yo. Peek behind the curtain as we stay up extra late – recording our lines for TRAINS-FORM3RS. Like a boss.

Music by Joshua Peterson –
264 sec.

Vector Farr – The Portal Bedroom

Vector reveals the awesomeness of his personal, Portal-themed bedroom.
138 sec.



When the full moon rises over Sodor City, Thomas and Vector will finally face their greatest enemy, call on their oldest friend, and leap into the most epic, boiler-crushing battle the Island of Sodor has ever seen!

Featuring the wicked awesome talents of:

James Farr –
Claire Roby –
Vector Farr –
Piotr Walczuk –
Joshua Peterson –
327 sec.

Vector Farr – The Portal Bathroom

Vector reveals the awesomeness of his personal, Portal-themed bathroom.

Music by:
57 sec.



Opthomas Prime and Vector are back to face a host of brand new villains. But this time, they’ll need a little extra help to save the day.

As the official sequel to last year’s TRAINS-FORMERS, TRAINS-FORMERS 2OOT features my 4-year-old son’s two favorite things – Thomas the Tank Engine and Transformers, existing side by side.

Happy 4th birthday, buddy. Daddy loves you.

Geoff Edwards –
Joshua Peterson –
263 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 12

Zombies eat your brains, which are located in your head. (fyi)
219 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 11

The ongoing chronicles of Vector Farr – now proficient in jumping, speed boats and psychological diagnosis.
167 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 10

The continuing adventures of Vector Farr, now proficient in Pop Rocks, waterslides and hiding.
153 sec.



The ultimate cartoon mashup, featuring my 3-year-old son’s two favorite things – Thomas the Tank Engine and Transformers. Daddy loves you, pal. Enjoy!

Geoff Edwards –
Joshua Peterson –

162 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 9

The continuing adventures of my righteously awesome offspring – now proficient in basketball, skeeball, bowling and Coraline.
184 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 8

Vbug hits the slides, the zoo, and the showers.
167 sec.

Spongebob Squarepants Says Hello to Vector

Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants, Skids, Wheelie, Etc.) says hello to my son Vector — live from Comic-Con.
13 sec.

Kermit the Frog says Hello to Vector

Kermit the Frog says hello to my son, Vector — live from Comic-Con.
13 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 7

Vector’s first date, and his resulting fixation.
153 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 6

Vector rocking some shout outs.
94 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 5

My son going for his first ride on a sentient, talking train.
262 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 4

My son sticking with the whole awesome thing. And driving.
157 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 3

My son continuing the awesomeness – and speaking.
172 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 2

My son, Vector, continuing to be awesome.
231 sec.

Vector Farr – Volume 1

My son, Vector, being awesome.
237 sec.

Vector’s First Steps

Vector taking his first steps on camera.
40 sec.

Vector Kong

Vector Kong takes no prisoners.
32 sec.

Vector the Attack Monkey

Vector the attack money is out for blood.
26 sec.