Creature (2012) – Official Trailer

been too much time without a decent Creature Feature trailer, and now it’s ended! you gonna love this “Creature” trailer – half man-half aligator is just what we needed 🙂

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WEBSITE: http://www.creaturethemovie.com/
DVD RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2012

An ex-Navy seal (Mehcad Brooks), his girlfriend (Serinda Swan) and their friends head out on a road trip to New Orleans. The group decides to stop at a roadside convenience store owned by Chopper (Sid Haig), who tells them the tale of Lockjaw, a fabled god-like creature who is half-man, half-alligator.

The legend has it that an inbred local man by the name of Grimley (Daniel Bernhardt) lost his family to a monstrous white alligator, which then drove him to madness and some believe he was transformed into that very creature that now haunts the depths of the swamps. Their curiosity peaked, the group decides to play along with the local tourist trap and journey deep into the backwoods to find the old dilapidated cabin which is supposed to be the birthplace of the creature.

As they set-up camp for the night, their faith is put to the test when Lockjaw turns out to be more than just a myth and they realize the locals are hiding a horrifying secret that jeopardizes them all.

Starring: Sid Haig, Mehcad Brooks, Serinda Swan, Dillon Casey, Lauren Schneider, Daniel Bernhardt
Directed by: Fred M. Andrews
109 sec.

Exit Humanity (2012) – Official Trailer [HD]

Uber cool second “Exit Humanity” trailer, which brings us “The Walking Dead” in the American Civil War version. Amazing trailer!
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WEBSITE: http://www.ExitHumanity.com

“One of the more memorable, sweeping zombie films seen in years” (killerfilm)

“This is not a movie, but a piece of cinema”
Told through the written and illustrated journal of Edward Young as he battles his way through an unexplainable outbreak of the walking dead a decade after the American Civil War. After returning home from a hunting trip to find a horrific re-animation of his wife Julia, and that their son Adam has disappeared, Edward starts to record his experiences with the walking dead as well as the unexplainable outbreak that has torn his family apart, and threatens all of mankind. Throughout his harrowing journey Edward finds friendship, guidance and love amongst chaos and despair, when all else seems to be lost in a world robbed of its humanity.

Produced by: Foresight Features (the makers of “Monster Brawl”!)
Directed by: John Geddes
Starring: Mark Gibson, Jordan Hayes, Adam Seybold, Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley, Stephan McHattie, Brian Cox
202 sec.

INBRED (2012) – Official Full Trailer [HD]

w00t! “Inbred” trailer is just as awesomely twisted as we thought it’s going to be, following the fantastic 2 teasers we published earlier. You all got pretty much psyched on this movie, and now you know it’s going to be something really monstrous like nothing before – these things happen only in the English countryside…

CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL SITE at http://www.inbredmovie.com/
AND FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/115774971794352/
The INBRED score was composed by the Dave Andrews: http://www.two13.com

The plot: A disparate group of young urban offenders and their care workers embark on a community service weekend in the strange, remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. A minor incident with some local inbred youths rapidly escalates into a blood-soaked, deliriously warped nightmare for all involved…

Starring: Jo Hartley, James Doherty, James Burrows, Seamus O’Neill, Terry Haywood, Nadine Rose Mulkerrin, Neil Leiper, Chris Waller
Directed by: Alex Chandon
102 sec.

Thale (2012) – Official Trailer [HD]

The next chapter in nordic horror folklore is here! “Thale” trailer has finally been released and this is so much more than we ever expected. We always knew that trolls and other nordic tales creatures are kinkier than zombies and vamps, and thus the Huldra tale is soon to be told over screens. Oh, and Silje Reinåmo is officially the coolest horrornymph of 2012 – CHECK HER FB PAGE at https://www.facebook.com/people/Silje-Rein%C3%A5mo/830250461

Get the plot and lots more stuff at the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/thalemovie
and the official page http://www.thalemovie.com

Coming in 2012
Starring: Silje Reinåmo, Erlend Nervold, Jon Sigve Skard, Morten Andresen
Written & Directed by: Aleksander Nordaas
147 sec.

“The Woman” exclusive clip – “Disobedience”

And we bring you yet another finest horror stuff – a great cut scene from “The Woman”! isn’t she the greatest..?

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31 sec.

Roid Rage Xmas Special – Horror Movie for Friday the 13th [HD]

We love you, so we keep bringing you ass-banging horror stuff that either gets us insatiably horny or totally psyched! “Roid Rage” the kinky “killer hemorrhoid” comic flick from Ryan Lightbourn is back with a fantastic Xmas Special, which we secretly kept for you a nice Friday the 13th feature.

So here it is…the hemorrhoid (“super bad ass” as we call it) slasher is back! comment, share with your friends, share on facebook – let the world discover a unique cool indie film!

MORE AT: https://www.facebook.com/roidragethemovie
576 sec.

Winter Of The Dead (Meteletsa) [2012] – Russian Zombie Trailer [HD]

Russkiy Zombi! Forget “The Darkest Hour” cause we bring you the first ever Russian zombie flick…”Winter Of The Dead” (‘Metelesta’ is ‘Blizzard’ in Russian) clashes into today’s trembling Moscow with a fast-paced zombie outbreak in the middle of the Russian winter! Now that’s a real darkest hour….

Plot: In the middle of an extremely hot summer in Moscow, snow starts falling and zombies attack a pre-election protest march (which actually now occurs all around Russia!).
Konstantin – a Moscow journalist, hides from the onslaught with the daughter of a local tycoon in a hardware store. Captain Igor Knyazev kranks up the only working tank, whilst his lover, Dasha is running away from her angry husband, who has learned of the pair’s betrayal, and wants revenge, regardless of the weather…Faced with horrifyingly gripping news material, a dedicated cameraman, Vlad, captures the strange events on video as priest Father Michael gets out his trusty axe …

We’re so going to watch this…!

MORE INFO: http://www.winterofthedead.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Meteletsa

Starring: Mikhail Borzenkov, Tatyana Zhevnova, Aleksandr Abramovich, Sergey Shirochin, Dmitriy Kozhuro, Yuliya Yudintseva, Andrey Karako
Directed by: Nikolai Pigarev
146 sec.

‘Resurrect Dead’ – Movie Trailer

Do you know what’s behind the cryptic messages over pavements all across the US? Join director Jon Foy for a one-time special screening of Resurrect Dead. Watch the film with fans and find out special behind-the scenes details in a live online Q&A. Tickets here: http://bit.ly/tS7MOc

“Resurrect Dead” is a captivating new documentary unveiling an urban mystery as one man pieces together the surreal meaning of hundreds of cryptic tiled messages that have been appearing in city streets across the U.S. and South America.
121 sec.

Night Terrors: EP 1 “Keeper” – Promo Trailer [HD]

In the tradition of classic anthology shows like Tales From the Crypt directors David Buchert and Chris St.Croix bring you “Night Terrors”, starting with the promo trailer for “KEEPER” – the 1st episode.

Stay tuned for links to watch the full episodes online!
74 sec.

Night Terrors: EP 2 “Dummy” – Promo Trailer [HD]

Ghostface Killer meets Chucky? Whatever he is, the “Dummy” killer is spot-on horror psycho.

We brought you the full “Night Terrors” extended trailer, but since the 2 episodes were so good, we felt it will be a huge miss not to feature them separately.
So here’s the promo trailer for “DUMMY” – the 2nd episode.
88 sec.

Thale (2012) – Norwegian Horror Movie Teaser #2 [HD]

“Thale” is by far the best follow up to “Troll Hunter” you could have expected…dark, cynical nordic mythology horror told in the unique style of the Norwegian film mafia. This teaser is so good, we just can’t wait for the trailer
Oh, and if you haven’t caught with the story – which was covered almost everywhere in the horror blogosphere – this film tells the tale of the Huldra – a mythical nymph-style creature living in the nordic woods, which craves for sex and has a kinky cow tale…

Starring: Silje Reinåmo, Erlend Nervold, Jon Sigve Skard
Written & Directed By: Aleksander Nordaas
Produced By: Bendik Heggen Strønstad
43 sec.

Separation (2012) – Official Trailer [HD]

Jack and Liz are struggling to keep their family together. While the big city trembles under the terror of a serial killer, Jack and Liz have just moved to the small summering community of Hemlock Lake hoping it will make a difference in their relationship. Unfortunately it’s not the quiet town they were hoping for. As the sun sets on the rural lakeside town, Jack, Liz, and their little girl Angie become prey to a mysterious local intent on ripping them apart…

Coming in 2012
Starring: Peter Stebbings (Immortals, Defendor), Sarah Manninen, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Al Sapienza, Arcadia Kendal, Rebecca Northan

Directed & Written by: Greg White
121 sec.

Dunderland (2012) – Official Teaser [HD]

Norway keeps banging great horror stuff, and “Dunderland” is a one to watch for in 2012, injecting psychological horror into the cold nordic landscapes – yeah, the ones you saw and got horny from (in our case) on “Dead Snow” 🙂

Plot: The year is 1695. A young maiden by the name Johanne Nilsdatter is accused of witchcraft. With ropes tied to her hands and feet, she is tossed into the bottomless pit of Djupkista in the Dunderland Valley. She sinks and disappears and is never found. This was the last of the witch hunts in Norway.

In the years to follow, numerous unexplainable, horrendous events and tragedies strike the valley of northern Norway. Three centuries after the last witch hunt, a young aspiring theater director named Laura arrives in the Dunderland valley. On the old closed Boys Scout camp, she and five actors are going to work on an old play about “Anne Pedersdotter”, a play about the old witch hunt processes in Norway. They are soon made aware of the valley’s dark and horrendous history….

More info:

Starring: Miriam Prestøy Lie, Reidar Sørensen, Hanne-Marte Sørlie, Sven Henriksen, Marit Østbye, Brage Bang
82 sec.

Some Guy Who Kills People (2012) – Official Trailer [HD]

From the guys who did “Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus ” this violently funny bomb comes to US cinemas in 2012. “Some Guy Who Kills People” is a fun bloody horror comedy about a man revenging everyone he thinks has screwed his life. Indie black comedy splatter in its best 🙂

Plot: Ken Boyd, 34 years old and devoid of self-confidence, was recently released from a loony bin. Now, back in Green Oaks, Ken is hell-bent on getting revenge on each of the men who dragged him to that isolated cabin years ago; the men he holds responsible for his miserable fate. By killing each man, Ken hopes to find closure to a bleak chapter in his life. With his estranged daughter suddenly appearing from nowhere, and the town sheriff banging his mom, will Ken be able to complete his mission of killing those men?

More info: http://www.someguywhokillspeople.com/
and facebook https://www.facebook.com/someguywhokillspeople

Starring: Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Lucy davis, Ariel Gade, Leo Fitzpatrick

Written by: Ryan Levin (Scrubs, I’m In The Band, Bruno, South Park)
Produced by: John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, Psych, Masters of Horror, Burke and Hare), MIchael Wormster, Micah Goldman
Directed by: Jack Perez (Wild Things 2, Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus)
153 sec.

The Fields (2011) – Official Trailer [HD]

Winner of Terror Film Festival 2011, “The Fields” is a psychological horror thriller, based on true events that occurred on fall 1973, and featuring an impressive cast with TARA REID and Oscar winner Cloris Leachman.

A young boy and his family find the safety and solitude of their small farm shattered by a mysterious presence emerging from the vast cornfields surrounding their small farm. Violence escalates as they struggle to find out what comes for them from…the fields.

This one is definitely a one to watch for! Get all the rest of the details and screening times at
http://www.facebook.com/thefieldsmovie and http://www.thefieldsmovie.com/

Starring: Tara Reid (American Pie, Scrubs) Cloris Leachman (Oscar winner), Bev Appleton, Joshua Ormond, Karen Ludwig
126 sec.

The Sacred (2012) – Teaser [HD]

An awesome mix of Cabin Fever, Friday the 13th, and Flatliners…we’re damn digging this teaser for “The Sacred”, an upcoming supernatural suspense horror, with some deep woods action the way we’ve always loved…

A group of students unwittingly stumble upon a ghostly ancient Indian ritualistic site deep in the Florida swamps. These grounds are cursed, they have the power to bring the dead back to life — and the dead don’t like sinners. As the group quickly finds out their past actions can lead to present nightmares…

Get all the latest at http://www.facebook.com/sacredmovie and http://www.sacredmovie.com/

Coming in 2012
Starring: Jessica Blackmore (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr), Jordan Wall (A&E’s The Glades), David Mackey (Burn Notice), Lauren Brown (A Beautiful Belly), Ryan Marsico, John Kyle (The Woods Have Eyes)
41 sec.

Chop (2011) – Official Trailer [HD]

From the maker of “DEADGIRL” comes a new Bloody Disgusting production, “Chop” is a horror comedy coming on Dec 27th on VOD and DVD.

Get all the details and pre-order at http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/selects/releases/chop-2/ and on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/BloodyDisgusting

Lance Reed, a seemingly innocent man, is forced by a psychotic stranger to confront his duplicitous past. The mysterious stranger, seeking retribution for a past crime, forces Lance to reveal his inner most secrets by systematically removing his limbs! As time runs out and Lance’s limb count dwindles, he must recall what he’s done to the stranger before he doesn’t have a head to remember with. Jam-packed with laughs, gore and some insane twists, CHOP is the directorial debut of DEADGIRL screenwriter Trent Haaga.

Coming to DVD and VOD on 27.12.2011
Starring: Timothy Muskatell, Billy Bakshi
Producer: Chad Ferrin
117 sec.

Night Terrors (Horror Web Series) [2011-2012] – Official Trailer [HD]

Wow! this is an amazing web horror series project you must check out. After being banned from Youtube (oh, the nudity rules..) it’s exclusively available over at Dread Central – http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/49107/night-terrors-finds-home-dread-central-after-being-banned-elsewhere

More details here – http://www.facebook.com/fearthenight

In the tradition of “Tales From the Crypt” comes Night Terrors, a new indie horror anthology series created by David Buchert and Chris St.Croix. The first two 25 minute pilot episodes will premiere Thanksgiving and Christmas week.

Dread Central Review
“Bikers, babes, blood and a guy wearing one of the most disturbing Charlie McCarthy masks you’ll ever see. All of this and much more will be waiting for you with the new anthology series Night Terrors. Created by David Buchert and Chris St. Croix and trust me when I tell you that both of these episodes look very impressive. Take a look for yourself…and tell me if that dude in the dummy mask isn’t the freakiest thing you’ve seen in ages.”

Shockya Review (http://www.shockya.com)
There’s a new anthology in town, and its name is “Night Terrors”. The red band-style trailer for the horror anthology, has been released, featuring stories “The Keeper” written and directed by St. Croix and “Dummy” written and directed by Buchert. While the anthology finds its inspiration from the old-school “Tales From the Crypt” series, the scares have been ramped up to scare today’s contemporary audiences. In my opinion, these stories seem like fresh, new takes on classic tropes in the world of horror, such as the masked killer and the scary, dangerous side of sexuality.”

Entirely self-financed and produced, this truly indie project hopes to re-energize the anthology format for a modern audience while still holding onto what made those old anthologies so great. Hoping to continue the series, the creators are actively looking for new opportunities to present Night Terrors on cable as well as the web and partnering with other producers to continue creating new episodes.
161 sec.

Six Degrees Of Hell (2012) – Official Trailer [HD]

Corey Feldman is back in “Six Degrees of Hell”, taking demented supernatural terror into new levels…

Six people and their lives are stitched together by a supernatural force that has laid claim to one of them. A Halloween tourist attraction (Uncle Jack’s house which has “100 rooms of Hell and there’s always a vacancy”) is ground zero for a paranormal perfect storm inadvertently touched off by a seemingly random series of events.

Official Website: http://www.sixdegreesmovie.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Six-Degrees-of-Hell/242739789078346?sk=wall
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/sixdegreesmovie

Starring: Corey Feldman, Brian Anthony Wilson, Jill Whelan, Nicole Cinaglia, Joe Raffa, Faust Checho
Directed by: Joe Raffa
128 sec.

Dead Dreams (2012) – Restricted Trailer [HD]

It’s time for PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR, ala “Fear X” and “Secret Window” (two of our fav flicks).
Faced with a serial killer in his hands, Carl must make the difficult decision of seeking revenge of trying to understand of his wife’s murder.

Website: http://www.deaddreamsmovie.com and http://www.summerpictures.biz

Coming in 2012
Starring: Corey Sevier, Christian Potenza, Jodie Dowdall, Amber Goldfarb
Directed by: Josh Koffman
121 sec.

Donner Pass (2012) – Official Trailer [HD]

A twisted horror take on The Legend Of The Donner Party….”Donner Pass” has a well-known and gruesome history — the place where George Donner and his party of settlers got stuck in the winter of 1846 and had to resort to cannibalism to survive.

Some say the Donner Party left its mark on those mountains. They say a curse remains to this day — a hunger that can make anyone capable of unspeakable evil.

For seven teens that head up for a ski weekend, it’s just a scary story to tell around the campfire. But when one of the group turns up not only dead, but half-eaten, they’re forced to confront the possibility that the legend may be true.
Nothing — and no one — is what it seems in this tightly woven dark thriller. And history doesn’t always stay in the past.

More details on the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Donner-Pass/127659297323110
and on the Official website http://www.donnerpassmovie.com

Coming up in 2012
Starring: Desiree Hall, Adelaide Kane, Colley Bailey, Erik Stocklin, Dominic Devore, Brandon Morales, Krystal Davis, John Kassir, Eric Pierpoint
114 sec.

The Eternal (2012) – Official Teaser [HD]

Intelligent & action-bleeding vampire thriller with a comic cinch, “The Eternal” is coming in 2012, and we have the first teaser, following the prequel “Ending The Eternal” we posted earlier.
Samuel Gradius has lived too long. In his 500 years on earth he has seen empires rise and fall, changed the course of history with his bare hands and witnessed countless revolutions with his own eyes. Samuel Gradius is a vampire, perhaps the only vampire, and he’s had enough. He wants to die.

No longer content with the idea of simple suicide, he makes the decision to go out in the ways of old. He wants a warrior’s death. THE ETERNAL follows Samuel on the pursuit of his own personal oblivion, he hopes, at the hands of someone worthy. An action-packed horror/thriller with a vicious sense of humor.

Get more at http://www.theeternalmovie.com
and Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/theeternalmovie

Coming in 2012

Directed by: Justin McConnell (The Collapsed, Skull World, Ending the Eternal), Co-written by: Justin McConnell, Kevin Hutchinson & Adam Kenneth Wilson
Starring: Adam Kenneth Wilson & more to be announced
106 sec.

The Perfect Marriage (IL MARITO PERFETTO) [2011] – Official Trailer [HD]

It was supposed to be a weekend of love…it shortly became a blood-soaked holiday! Italian horror films continue to pour it, and “The Perfect Marriage” is an intense, violent dark thriller on the psychotic side of relationships, inspired by French cinema and films like “A Perfect Murder” and “Bloodstained Romance”,

Plot: after a serious trauma, a married couple decides to spend a few days in a country house, in order to forget the past and pave a new path to a peaceful life. But Get ready to see the darkest side of your sweetheart.

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ilmaritoperfetto
Official website: http://www.lucaspavetto.com

Starring: Crisula Stafida, Damiano Verrocchi, Stefano Jacurti, Melania Astolfi
Written and Directed by: Lucas Pavetto
Special effects: Thomas Luzi
92 sec.

Horror Movie: “Ending The Eternal” [HD]

BAM! We hit you with yet another spectacular short indie horror feature. “Ending The Eternal” is a brilliant cynical horror flick, which takes the art of short suspense drama into vampiric hights 🙂
The film is a prequel to the upcoming feature film THE ETERNAL (in production early 2012). Events take place months before the feature film begins. Samuel Gradius is settling himself in for a quiet night of sleep, unaware that death is creeping up the stairs.


Starring: Adam Kenneth Wilson (Manson, Black Goat)
Original score by: Rob Kleiner (The Collapsed, Stuck)
Written & Directed by: Justin McConnell

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792 sec.

Skew (2012) – Official Trailer

We love Canadian indy horror movies! “Skew” weaves a sophisticated found-footage mystery around gruesome events that started back in 2005…

Plot: When Simon, Rich, and Eva head out on an eagerly anticipated road trip, they bring along a video camera to record their journey. What starts out as a carefree adventure slowly becomes a descent into the ominous as unexplained events threaten to disrupt the balance between the three close friends. Each one of them must struggle with personal demons and paranoia as friendships are tested and gruesome realities are revealed…and recorded.

Starring: Richard Olak, Amber Lewis, Robert Scattergood
Written & Directed by: Sevé Schelenz
99 sec.