Iron Sky at the Berlinale: Red Carpet and the Premiere

Join us for the Berlinale premiere of Iron Sky. See Timo ride a classic BMW! Hear the 1700 people cheer! Learn what the cast & crew thought of the whole thing!
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Iron Sky at the Berlinale: What the Fans Say

We asked the fans what they thought of the film at the Premiere party on Saturday. Seems they liked it.
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Iron Sky at the Berlinale: Friday

What was up for the Iron Sky team at the Berlinale on Friday the 10th – one day before the premiere. Stay tuned for more videos from berlin: http://facebook.com/ironsky
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Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]

Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer in glorious full HD! Music composed by Laibach. Read more: http://www.ironsky.net & follow us: http://fb.com/ironsky

Iron Sky, a dark scifi comedy, premieres February 11th at the Berlin International Film Festival. In theaters on 4th of April.
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Director’s Diary: Finishing the Sound Design

Sound Design phase in Münich, at Wavefront Studios is done! In this episode we work with Heiko Müller, our sound designer, on the finishing touches of the sounds of Iron Sky. Music is provided by awesome Finnish bass-and-drum -duo K+K-tactics – more of their awesomeness here: http://www.dboband.com/kk
209 sec.

Director’s diary: The Very Last of the Last Shots

Shot just few weeks before the premiere, we decided to fix one small logical problem of the story, and organized an ad-hoc shoot in the grading break. Music provided by Bureau of Broken Sounds – moar of ’em here: http://soundcloud.com/brknsounds
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Iron Sky premieres at the Berlinale on 11.2.2012

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Director’s Diary: A Very Tired Man

In this episode, filmed just after the new year, we meet a very tired man who has just finished the huge workload of CGI for Iron Sky – Samuli Torssonen. Music is provided by band called Zylth Projekt – here’s more on the band: http://www.myspace.com/zylthprojekt
201 sec.

Director’s Diary: The Aural Dimensions of the Moon Nazis

In this episode we talk with Heiko Müller from Wavefront Studios, our sound designer. Music for the episode is provided by a Finnish electro artist Phann Org, which’s music you can hear more here: http://music2.phann.org/album/stars
294 sec.

Iron Sky On Tour 13.3. – 3.4.

Finnish invitation to join the filmmakers on our tour.

Varaa lippusi osoitteessa: http://www.ironsky.net/tickets/
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Iron Sky Intelligent Toothbrush

Order yours from http://store.ironsky.net

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Technology of 2018 — Available in 2012!
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Director’s Diary: B-Cam Day!

The last time we shot anything for Iron Sky took place in Helsinki, Finland, where we shot some background characters to populate the Moon Base.

Music was provided this time by Herr Luger, who was one of the Extras, and got inspired by the day and brought us with this awesome song!
289 sec.

Director’s Diary – Picture Lock!

In this episode we mostly talk with Suresh Ayyar, editor of Iron Sky during the last editing week of Iron Sky!

Music is provided by Junge Virtuosen auf dem Weg zum Ruhm, whose awesome German Space-Funk makes life suddenly much more livable! Check them out at www.psicolor.de/virtuosen
380 sec.

Director’s Diary – Walla walla walla walla…

In this day’s episode we talk with Stephanie Paul, the President, and meet with Walla Group!

Music is provided by a Finnish artist Tuomas Oksanen (AKA VinC) from Hämeenlinna. Check out his work at:


And he has a band – Luxus – together with some pals, and their quite darn awesome track is available here.

378 sec.

Director’s Diary – Iron Sky According To Udo Kier

In this episode we sit down together with Udo Kier and pick his brains on the story of Iron Sky and his vision on the sequel as well!

This episode music was provided by a great goth synth pop band from Sweden called Trocadero Strike Force – and they have shared their EP – awesomely named as “Awesome In A Box” – for free on their website.

Check them out here!


Also, special thanks to Janne Tamminen for helping me out with the kamerawerks.
462 sec.

Director’s Diary – No Sleep Till Premiere: Chris Up Close

In this episode I have a chat with Christopher Kirby, one of the lead actors of Iron Sky.

Music is provided this time by an awesome artist Max Farnea. Check out his album Drop Paths, which is available for free download here: http://www.archive.org/details/DropPaths
183 sec.

Director’s Diary – No Sleep Till Premiere: Vivian Wagner On The Floor

Arrived to Melbourne after horrificly long flight, and started off directly with doing Peta’s ADR sessions.

Music for this episode was provided by a Finnish band Manbööbs, check out more of their music here:


And while at it, why not check another band by the artist Tuomas Sirola, called “the sQueak”

390 sec.

Director’s Diary – No Sleep Till Premiere: Approving shots

The Approval Screenings in Post Control with Mika Orasmaa. The music for this episode is provided kindly by FEUERFALKE, and the song is called METEORBLITZKRIEG – you can hear the full track here:


and more info on Feuerfalke and the people behind this song:


These guys are also working on an upcoming Iron Sky Krautfunding album called “Das Leben der Mondsoldaten”, of which I will be telling more later!
221 sec.

Director’s Diary – No Sleep ‘Till Premiere! (160 Days To Go).

Welcome to the re-incarnation of Iron Sky Director’s Diaries. We have now 160 days to go before the premiere of the film, and we are inviting you onboard to watch as the last crunch begins!
361 sec.

CGI Diaries: Building a cheap render node

Our latest shipment of component arrived from Jimm’s and Samuli gives some hints on building cheap render nodes.

Also, we test out YouTube’s new shake reduction, since this was shot on a phone.
129 sec.

Iron Sky Signal E21 – Creating the Visual Effects

In this episode of Iron Sky Signal we take a look at the visual effects which our CGI team is cranking out 24/7.

Follow us: http://facebook.com/ironsky – http://twitter.com/energia
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Director’s Diary: New York, Day 2

Our second day shooting in the greatest city on Earth.

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Director’s Diary: New York, Day 1

We made it to New York. Naturally, natural disasters would follow.

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Energia cgi diaries – hot saturday afternoon

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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CGI Diaries: Not using Final Cut

Doing previz for establishing shots. Still starved of oxygen.
204 sec.