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Ich bin eine kleine Teekanne

Animation by
Voice by Paul Nathan
Ich bin eine kleine Teekanne. I’m a Little Teapot German version.
31 sec.

Dark Kabaret – Bubblesmith – Sterling Johnson
Bubblesmith Sterling Johnson @ Dark Kabaret. Robert Nelson, the Butteryfly Man, mc’s. The Eric McFadden Experience on background music.
278 sec.

Dark Kabaret – Chris Carney

Chris Carney, trick bike. With the Eric McFadden Experience.
170 sec.

Dark Kabaret – Rubber Boy – Daniel Browning Smith

Rubber Boy – Daniel Browning Smith with the Eric McFadden Experience. Contortionist performing with Dark Kabaret.
505 sec.

Dark Kabaret – Jade Blue Eclipse – contortionist

This is Jade Blue performing at Dark Kabaret 2007 with the Eric McFadden Experience providing the accompaniment.

Jade was born in Japan. Her mother brought her to San Francisco when she was eight years old. When her mother returned to Japan the following year Jade stayed here with her aunt. Jade went to school here in San Francisco where she graduated with honors but for some reason her Aunt never completed Jade’s immigration papers. Jade found out she was here illegally for the first time while making arrangements to go to UC Berkeley where she had been accepted on a full ride scholarship to play the violin.

So here is Jade, nineteen years old. Raised in San Francisco. Very little knowledge of Japanese and totally unable to work or live here in the US. she spent several years attempting to straighten out her situation and finally had to leave under threat of jail.

She now travels the world like qui chan kane fighting injustice and being a hot young Asian contortionist.
288 sec.

Paranoid White Men – earRotator

Paranoid White Men

I’m a paranoid white man working on a theory
Looking at the screen ’til my eyes get bleary
This thing is deep, tracking it down without any sleep
No rest for the weary.
Paranoid white men working on a theory.

Paranoid white men
Paranoid white men

I’m a paranoid guy with a fabulous brain
The thoughts that I think would drive most people insane
Like the one about the flea jumping halfway to the wall
(sometimes halfway ain’t nothing at all)
No rest for the weary.
Paranoid white men working on a theory.

I’m a paranoid guy always on the run
The government wants me
‘Cause I found out they done what they’re trying to deny
about nine one one
(even Americans ain’t that dumb)
No rest for the weary.
Paranoid white men working on a theory.
239 sec.

I’m a Little Teapot HD

A young teapot reflects inward on its self, and its purpose.

Jonathan Slater as the Teapot. Made on Apple computers.

Soy una tetera pequeña
Je suis une petite théière
Ich bin eine kleine Teekanne
Tá mé sa teallach beag
내가 좀 주전자예요
Я немного чайник
Jag är en liten tekanna
Tôi là một ấm trà nhỏ
Minä olen pieni teekannu
Ik ben een kleine theepot
Ја сам мало чајник
אני קנקן תה קטן
Sou um pequeno bule
25 sec.

Real Flying Saucer

A lonely cow is abducted and milked by aliens
83 sec.


Thomas John is a San Francisco Bay Area puppeteer and puppet maker. Poo.dle is a found object puppet piece about some dainty doing something disgusting.
78 sec.

Atomatronic Strange
Atomatronic Strange
269 sec.

Atomatronic Not-Sharp
Atomatronic Not-Sharp
240 sec.

Atomatronic F-Invasion
Atomatronic F-Invasion
291 sec.

Atomatronic Birds
Atomatronic Birds
218 sec.

Czech Absinthe Huffing Ritual

Paul Nathan explains the Czech Huffing ritual as used by the more performance oriented side of absinthe.
170 sec.


Some corporate work in 3D with dolphins.

ikan lumba-lumba
گراز دریایی
cá heo
14 sec.

Pedal Chair Babies

Uploaded for Shelley.

Music by Laurence Cottle

From 1997 and made with Electric Image
31 sec.

Damp Rabbit Rain

My slate, since 2004
21 sec.

Fireworks Fail – Fistful of Sparklers

Marcus learns what happens when you light sparklers a whole fistful at once instead of one at a time.
54 sec.

Juggling 5 Giant Clubs – Doug Sayers

I made these clubs about 20 years ago out of oversized toy bats made for kids. They have a wrapped handle and rubber knobs like a normal juggling club. Here Doug Sayers gives them a try for a few minutes and gets two 3 high 360’s, a 5 high 360 and ten back cross throws.

See more of Doug at

Filmed with an iPhone 3GS at Vulcan Studios
75 sec.

2010 Hot August Nights Reno part 2

Hot August Nights Reno August 7th 2010

HD footage from Hot August Nights car cruise in Reno Nevada. Shot with a Canon Vixia HF200.
552 sec.

2010 Hot August Nights Reno part 1

Hot August Nights Reno August 7th 2010

HD footage from Hot August Nights car cruise in Reno Nevada. Shot with a Canon Vixia HF200.
456 sec.

Bob Mendelsohn, Spinning Balls, Rings, Silicones

Bob Mendelsohn juggling 6 rings, a 5 ball force bounce, and a kickup to a double ball spin. From the DVD

Shot in 2003
51 sec.


A rather poor quality version of Deito but it’s what I have.
659 sec.

Gregor Popovich – European Convention

Gregor Popovich at the EJC, European Juggling Convention in 1985
EJC 8: Louvain la Neuve, Belgium
790 sec.

16 ring juggling, 2 person half flash

16 ring, 2 person half flash. August 16th 1989. Bob Mendelsohn on the left, Owen Morse on the right.

The Guinness Book of World Records actually accepted this as a juggling record but said they would not include it in the book since the record for a single juggler was 11 and they thought we should be closer to double that.
35 sec.