Daft Punk Live at the Greek Theatre, GREAT CLIP

A lot of great clips from their show in Berkeley, CA that I attended a couple years ago and filmed much of.
595 sec.

RaverAkira at Lovefest afterparty 2008

RaverAkira (Mike) from San Francisco Freehanding at Lovefest Afterparty 2008

303 sec. at ETD Fright Compilation Rave video


Official Rave compilation video from Skills event ETD Fright. Featuring members Ange, Griever, and Blitz and DJ’s Paul van Dyk, Chrstopher Lawrence, and Junkie XL.

Music Credit: Paul van Dyk – New York City (Super8 & Tab remix)

ETD Fright intro animation:
419 sec.

Ange & Global J present:

Glowstringing at my place, made a video.
217 sec.

Ange Glowstringing – Melesse, France

Some old practice clips from France I spliced together, made a half decent video.
277 sec.

GSC @ EDC 06 at the 2006 electric daisy carnival
370 sec.

Bay Area Summer Compilation, Fire Poi Session

The second video of the Bay Area Compilation featuring Melvenorc12, Legend, and Myself spinning fire.
306 sec.

Bay Area Summer Compilation 2006

A compilation involving Melvenorc12, nmestar99, Legend, and myself.
349 sec.

Ange glowstringing @ EDC 06

Me in action during Christoper Lawrence’s set
116 sec.

How to Moonwalk Tutorial

Short tutorial from on how to moonwalk. Breaks it down simple and easy to learn for everyone.

I’m not claiming I’m any good at it, I originally made this for a friend in LA and came back the next and I had over 10.000 hits. Whaddyaknow?
135 sec.

Wrap combo clip

clip for gsc wrap combo thread
19 sec.