Real Life Nazi Zombies

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The only two survivors of a plane crash find themselves fighting for their lives in an area infested with Nazi Zombies.

Seth McMurry (
Joe Ochterbeck
Tyler Herron
CJ Bernard
Garrett Whitehead
Xavier Lagunas
Jacob Sturgeon
Nathan McMurry
Greg Bowie

Moriah Patterson (Make-Up)
Kayla Esmond (Make-Up)

Extra tags:

Nazi Zombies
Xbox 360
Video game
real life
black ops
368 sec.

Psycho Siri

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An abandoned iPhone turns out to be a killer of a deal.
CREDITS: – Nathan’s twitter – Andrew’s twitter – Andrew’s facebook
265 sec.


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A group of friends play a game of “Slingball”, paintball with a twist.

Nathan McMurry (
Seth McMurry (
Carly Fehlberg (
Olivia Wells (
212 sec.

Real Life Super Mario: Updated!

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Our protagonist faces yet another challenge in the Mushroom Kingdom, but this time he comes across more obstacles, power-ups, and enemies.
129 sec.

Retro Warfare


Andrew plays through a level filled with retro game enemies!

After Effects and Cinema 4D were used to make this.

Music by Matthew McMurry:


134 sec.

Minecraft: Zombie Attack

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Our miner hero uses his wits to combat the zombie onslaught.

Ending music and sound credit go to C418, check out his website:

Like the action song? Check it out/download here:

Directed by Andrew McMurry (

Cinematography & action song by Matthew McMurry (
153 sec.

Metal Slug in Real Life

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Andrew battles the baddies from Metal Slug.

Sounds & sprites from
126 sec.

The Leash – Bulletstorm Short Film

Some shady men try to take what isn’t theirs. They’re messing with the wrong man.
213 sec.

Real Life Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros in real life! What would you do if a screen popped up in front of you asking if you wanted to play a real life game of Super Mario Brothers?
This is my 2nd time using 3D so, yet again, it’s not perfect.
My brother, Seth McMurry, acts in this one. Programs used: After Effects, C4D, PFtrack.


66 sec.


First attempt using 3d models.
75 sec.

Wall Walking

A test I did with my greenscreen. Music from (Scattershots, and Tea Roots) by Kevin Macleod
57 sec.

Freezing Time

A time freezing test. I was trying out the effect that freddiew did ( Let me know what you think.
65 sec.

Call of Duty Short Action Scene

Nathan’s twitter:

A COD-like short film that my brother, a couple of his friends, and I made. Music by Kevin MacLeod (


EXTRA TAGS: xbox live, xbox 360, modern warfare, FPS, war, video game, COD, call of duty, guns, action, action scene, andrewmfilms
130 sec.

Testing The Rocket Shoes – After Effects

Built these cool shoes.


Filmed with the Canon T2i.
FX in After Effects.

Extra Tages: rocket shoes, jetpack, jet pack, shoes, vfx, sfx, after effects, adobe, special effects, flying, pain, explosion
69 sec.

Mirror – After Effects

Always be aware of the alternate universe.

VFX done in After Effects. Filmed with a Canon T2i/550d.

Extra tags:

VFX, SFX, mirror, andrew mcmurry, gunshot, gun, death, clone, after effects, ak47, special effects, creepy mirror, mirror effect, youtube, video, funny, action, short, film, fail
22 sec.

Teleportation – After Effects

My little teleporting test. I’ve seen many where the subject teleports to the exact point he wants, but what if he didn’t?
20 sec.

Real Mario Tube!

Too much time on my hands…

Super Mario Bros tubes look alot better than the ones that sprouted in my drive way! They also probably feel a little more pleasant to go through…

Filmed with a Canon T2i.
Sound recorded with H4n.

Extra tags:
Mario, super mario, mario tube, real mario, video game, vfx, sfx, after effects, andrew mcmurry, andrewmfilms
75 sec.


Just testing out this little prop I found, I think it’s an m4? Yeah, something like that.

I filmed this little test with a Canon T2i/550d with a 50mm and an 18-55mm lens.
I used Adobe After Effects for the SFX.

17 sec.

My Guns – Canon T2i/550d

Muzzle flash tests I made with my new camera!
63 sec.