Where NOT To Pick Up Girls!

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Girl in Planned Parenthood – Jessica Debonville
Old Woman – Jennie Guard
Girl in Cemetery – Erin Schmalfeld
Young Girl – Isabel Rogers
Strip Club Patron – Rick Shucks http://youtube.com/ibeshucks
Legs – Sheena Moriarty


Written by: Timothy DeLaGhetto

Director: Timothy DeLaGhetto

Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer

Producer: Patrick Pope

Production Coordinator: George Kimmel IV

DP: Eric Thompson

AD/Gaffer: Tyler Carey

Sound: Sheena Moriarty

Editor: Blake O’Neal
153 sec.

MY FRESH- Official Music Video- Traphik & Joanlee

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Written by: Timothy DeLaGhetto & Joanlee
Director: Timothy DeLaGhetto
Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer
Producer: Patrick Pope
Production Coordinator: George Kimmel IV & Ricky Mammone
DP: Jon Na
Gaffer: Arthur Hong
Editor: Blake O’Neal
279 sec.

Jeremy Lin- Asian Jesus or All Hype?

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214 sec.

Forever Alone.

HOW TO deal with being single on Valentine’s Day
218 sec.

Dont watch this!

I had to put a reel together super quick for someone, but I had to go shoot something so I’m leaving it uploading public.
198 sec.

Broke on Valentines Day? No Problem!

314 sec.


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67 sec.

GAS MONEY (REMIX)- Destorm, DeshawnRaw, StevenJo, and ME!

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Produced By http://www.youtube.com/user/ArjaeKnox
Deshawn Raw
Steven Joe
313 sec.

Re: Helpless Asian Man Attacked by 7 Others *READ DESCRIPTION*

Just providing a little perspective. Just to clarify, I’m not saying we should just shrug about violence like this and I’m not saying we need to get used to it. There is nothing we can do about THIS specific situation, except for use this video as an example of what we don’t want in the world. If something like this happened to me or someone I knew, I’d want to get violent too. I’m just sayin, there’s nothing we can do about this situation except be aware of how this stuff exists and be the change we wanna see. I could have easily just done a video saying, “Wow, this is so fucked up. I hope these guys get what’s coming to them” but that’s so obvious and there’s going to be a million other videos saying that. I just want to make you think a little bit.
Original Video
361 sec.

Prison Break! (WARNING: VIOLENCE!)

For people asking why I uploaded this even though it’s on Sam’s channel, I really liked this video, and I want more people to see it. It has 177k views on Sam’s channel, but i have way more subscribers so i want people to see it. AND helloooo i’ve been in Hawaii, so i havent had time to make any videos, so? i needed a new video up to make some money! this IS my job lol
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121 sec.

Appreciate Your Woman! (Getting My Pubes Waxed)

The original video
the website
210 sec.

Guide The C*ck, Don’t Block It!

A little skit I wrote… teehee.

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Written by: Timothy DeLaGhetto

Director: Timothy DeLaGhetto

Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer

Producer: Patrick Pope

Production Coordinator: Ricky Mammone

DP: Dustin Pearlman

Gaffer: Arthur Hong & Mike Bauman

AD: Chris Miller

Sound: Chris Miller

Editor: Nick Gallucci
253 sec.

Skeet and Tears- 2011 Recap- Happy New Year!!!

I would put link to all the videos I used, but that shit will take forever and I have a party to go to. lol. love you.
Here are some of the original videos
Joell Ortiz- Vlog #170- Museum of Sex
Steve-O- Dear DeLaGhetto #40
Danny Trejo- Vlog #170
Dante Basco- Vlog #233
Stevie Wonder- Vlog #176
Powerhouse cartoon- CRABS
Billboard magazine- Vlog #172
Million Subscriber Freestyle
470 sec.

Put Her In The Mood!

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Costarring my boy Andrew Garcia
and Arika Sato
197 sec.

Girls Don’t Make Sense!

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lol and no, this is not about my girlfriend. my girlfriend is the shit.
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A Real Love Song “C.H.I.A.” – Traphik (Official Music Video)

“Chillin Here In the Atmosphere (C.H.I.A)”
is the first single off my new album which will be free to download on
http://TimothyDeLaGhetto.com soon! starring and dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend. I came up with the concept for the vid and my boy PDFlo directed.
beat produced by
Directed by Pedro Flores
second camera
Martin Molina
Clothing provided by Orisue
Now how does one explain the sudden feeling he feels
When he’s not sure what he’s feelin but he knows that its real
To take something intangible and try to explain
Not fully understandin all the thoughts in my brain
Relationships had always made me sick- done wit em
Then she came up and hit me like some bricks- a ton of em
So now my mind struggles just to try and comprehend
And make sure what I’m feelin is foreal and not pretend
I wanted not to deal wit it and chill wit all my friends
Cuz everyone’s in L (love) wit one and sells it like a trend
Ive tried to force a feelin that just seemed so far away
And after all was said and done I found it hard to stay
So that now I’ve move passed all the drama I delt with
Imagine my surprise when I met this chic and felt shit
So much of my life i spent hidin and fightin it
Looked into her eyes and I kinda started likin it

Chillin here in the atmosphere cuz that’s where her love takes me
Head in the clouds but I’m lookin around and I can see that’s my baby
Chillin here in the atmosphere cuz that’s where her love takes me
Head in the clouds but I’m lookin around and I can see that’s my baby

Now how does one forget about the ex and how shit went
And movin past the fact that I got fears of commitment
The fact is I don’t know, tryin to make sense of it
You hit me wit a text and then I start getting all sensitive
Like damn I’m a bitch, but dude this girl is beautiful
just take me by the hand and you can push back all my cuticles
I know I got some baggage and u feel as if im panickin
But everytime I see you all my fears just get to vanishin
So Intoxicated by the way that you just taste
Forget about the haters baby move into my place
Certain things about that could not just be replaced
Like when ya nose is itchy how you scrunch up ya whole face
And everything before that I ever thought was corny
Started makin sense to me I wish you woulda warned me
im takin by sensations that I just wasn’t prepared for
C.H.I.A. girl you got me airborn

Chillin here in the atmosphere cuz that’s where her love takes me
Head in the clouds but I’m lookin around and I can see that’s my baby
Chillin here in the atmosphere cuz that’s where her love takes me
Head in the clouds but I’m lookin around and I can see that’s my baby
175 sec.

Dude, Your D*ck Is So Shiny!

Watch the video and check out my new cartoon, POWERHOUSE, starring myself, PeeDeeFlo and Ricky Shucks!



Co-Starring Rick:

& Omar from Station2!
188 sec.

Dear DeLaGhetto #44- How to: Friend with Benefits + Get Over ur EX

what’s that song playing in the background?
583 sec.

Kung Fu Pimp Slap!

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208 sec.

My Other Head

leave a comment about my head or about Immortals at
the song at the end http://youtu.be/_6t2eoWtgJI
263 sec.

Torture Me!

we made the goal! thank you!
watch me get waxed!

The thumbnail is gonna go on a billboard in LA for the Do What It Takes program.

179 sec.

Duke Westlake Cypher- Traphik

Goddamn, that’s quite an act to follow
I’m bout to lose my head again, find me in sleepy hollow
Henny from the bottle, wit my pen I’m like Picasso
Gassin it full throttle, hater gobble dick and die slow
Or Die Hard, I feel like Bruce Willis
You know I’m bout to kill it, paraplegics you can feel it
Hands up to the ceiling, I’m just chillin like a villain
Tryna get it poppin, oxycotton, penicillin
Flinstone vitamins I’m bitin into minerals
Every night I’m skypin it, exposin all my genitals
Bitch, I’m a general. Salute me when I dookie
I’m shootin from the toilet, see now that’s a Call of Duty
Go ahead and sue me, suck my Johnny Cockran
Westside till I die, you know I’m a Pac fan
Only God can judge me, peasant don’t touch me
Don’t push me mothafucka, no, do not even nudge me
Sometimes I need to chill, read and write
So I listen to Jazz like Will needs advice
Put on some Stevie Wonder in the Key of Life
Then I change history like Lincoln freed the whites
Yea… and I’m a pimpin ass geek
Goin for the gold like an Olympic athlete
Pour out a little 40 when I’m spittoon that heat
Cuz everybody knows that Timmy’s killin that beat
So fuck my enemies and who you pretend to be
Holdup, Rest in Peace to Heavy D
When I leave my legacy, I’ll see you in heaven, G
See if Jesus, can turn this water to Hennesy
Workin harder than my cousins in a Nike factory
Changin up the system like an all black jury
Tryna get this money before my dad’s burried
Til then, I kill mics- Conrad Murray

Duke Westlake Cypher – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycQ0WMtfxW4
Download the instrumental – http://bit.ly/westlakecypher
1) Dumbfoundead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn00FavrWB4
2) The Palmer Squares: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND-wJfUtXMs
3) Traphik: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QNNgqdj64Y
4) Intuition: http://youtu.be/gPjuHKfLPdo
138 sec.

Selena Dumps Bieber!

sooooo apparently its false! booooooo
261 sec.

Marry ME, Kim Kardashian!!!

166 sec.

I’m A Father!

you guys are crazy, i think this is funny. lol

Written by me ?Timothy DeLaGhetto



Assistant to PA: Mickey Meyer

Producer: Neely Shamam

Production Coordinator: Ricky Mammone

Gaffer: Arthur Hong

AD and Slate: Chris Miller

Sound: Stephen Branciforte
162 sec.