Little Boy Haunted by Demons

The following tape was received anonymously by The Division of Perceptual Studies department at Huddersfield University. Currently the authenticity of the tape cannot be verified but is being made public in hopes that the creator of the tape can be located. Please contact the department if you have any information.

A young child claims to be hearing strange sounds in his closet at night. He sets up a video camera one night to capture the disturbance. What he captures on tape could be the most terrifying images you will ever see.
99 sec.

Matt Brax vs. Anthony Velut

353 sec.

YouTube Animated Channel Icon

I get a lot of people asking how to upload an animated icon for their channel. So instead of responding back to all the emails I get I figure I would just make a video giving the details.
47 sec.

G2 Ring Girl Photo Shoot

The ring girls of G2 Fight Night.
Tickets are now available online only at for our biggest event of the year:

November 24th, 2010
Tinley Park Convention Center
Tinley Park, IL

Music: Far East Movement – Like A G6
52 sec.

Ghost Caught On Tape

Watch closely.
21 sec.

The Delivery

Short horror movie created for the Home Runn Inn Pizza video challenge.
121 sec.

The Delivery

To view the entire movie please click the link below. Please vote for my movie, thanks.
31 sec.

Matt Kucala vs. Matt Singleton

Matt Kucala vs. Matt Singleton

DC’s Country Junction
Lowell, IN

Check out
155 sec.

Wes Sims talks Tito.

Check out Caged In Inc.
The Ultimate Fighting Shop

October 2nd, 2009
DC’s Country Junction
Lowel, IN

Wes Sims of The Ultimate fighter 10 talks about the homeless, Tito and the future.
297 sec.

Butterflies & Dinosaurs – Brookfield Zoo

The Butterfly and Dinosaurs exhibit at Brookfield Zoo. 7/3/09
217 sec.

The Red, White, Black and Blue Bash – MMA

MMA fights at DC’s Country Junction
June, 26 2009
Lowell, IN
606 sec.

Army Convoy

286 sec.

Justin Carr vs. Colton Norton

Tinley Park, IL
49 sec.

It Itches, It Burns, It Kills

The most horrifying video you will ever see.

Keary McCutchen
Michael Parsons
Steve Zuranski
Timothy Harding

Music by
Bjorn Lyne

Filmed on location in Lake Station, Indiana, 2004
304 sec.


Nothing a Sponge Bob bandaid won’t fix.
17 sec.

DVD Collection

Post your movie collection. What is everyone using for storage?

Last time I counted I have around 700 movies. Mostly Horror, Sci-Fi, and Indie.
28 sec.

I-355 159th Street ramp aerial view

View from atop of the Homer Glen Fire Department’s ladder truck.
Video taken at the dedication ceremony for the Veterans Memorial Highway.
120 sec.

Miguel Torres vs. Steve Reyna

Ironheart Crown 3 Exodous
Hammond, Indiana
458 sec.

Miguel Torres vs. Nick Mitchell Part 2

Ironheart Crown 3 Exodous
Hammond, Indiana
396 sec.

Miguel Torres vs. Nick Mitchell Part 1

Ironheart Crown 3 Exodous
Hammond, Indiana
441 sec.

Josh Pearson vs. Josh Rogers

Combat-Do 4
Cicero Illinois

Pearson defeats Rogers by TKO.
353 sec.

1991 Chicago Desert Storm Welcome Home Parade

May 10, 1991
Chicago, Illinois

An estimated 700,000 people lined Chicago’s Michigan Avenue to welcome Operation Desert Storm troops home at the largest parade since the end of the war.
264 sec.

Lockport Illinois Fiddyment Creek Flood

July 27, 2003
Heavy rains cause severe flooding in Lockport area and the surrounding communities. The Fiddyment Creek could not handle the huge volume of water and overflowed its banks. Unfortunately this washed out the Farrell Road bridge and flooded nearby homes.
154 sec.

8/23/07 Tornado Warning/Severe Weather

Tornado warning and severe weather as seen from Mokena, IL. A possible funnel cloud can be seen at 1:15 in the video. Although this fast moving storm produced at lot of rain and high winds there was no damage in the immediate area.
289 sec.

Clay Guida vs. Jay Estrada

Combat-Do 4
August 13, 2005
Concordia Theater
Cicero, Illinois

155# title fight between two of the area’s top fighters. Shonie Carter reffing.
415 sec.