In the Closet: Fall Essentials Edition

For more, vist After a brief summer hiatus, Josh and Tyler return to drink a little cool-weather whiskey and talk autumn wardrobe strategy.
232 sec.

In the Closet: Jet Set Edition

For more, visit For a glamorous, world-renowned fashion editor like Josh, deciding what to bring on a trip–even a quick jaunt to Barcelona–is no small matter. Here, our globe-trotting style guru offers advice on what (and how) to pack for a three-day trip.
223 sec.

Gay Talese

For more, visit New Journalism pioneer Gay Talese is known for three things: groundbreaking magazine work , best-selling books, and an unrivaled passion for the art of tailoring (watch, and you’ll see).
244 sec.

Obsessives: 88-Keys

For more, visit Rapper-producer 88-Keys claims to have worn nothing but Ralph Lauren every day since 1993. We stopped by his Harlem apartment to investigate.
190 sec.

In the Closet: Sunglasses and Skinny Jeans Edition

For more, visit After previewing the season’s best shades (it’s all about clear frames) and swim trunks (go shorter, sure, but give yourself some breathing room), Tyler and Josh field a few questions from the forums.
222 sec.

Obsessives: Evan Yurman

For more, visit While others fixate on vintage Ferraris or Jags, men’s jewelry designer Evan Yurman has his sights set on something closer to home: the classic American muscle car.
214 sec.

Obsessives: Rogan Gregory

The denim guru and downtown fixture takes his commitment to going green seriously?very seriously.
167 sec.

Store Tours: Milan – Spazio 900

In Milan, fashion begins at home, and nowhere are home furnishings more fashionable than at this hub of mid-century design.
138 sec.

Obsessives: Fabio

Steve McQueen may have done all his own stunts, but did he have 200 motorcycles? Well, Fabio does–and he was kind enough to give us a look at his ever-expanding collection.
151 sec.

Obsessives: Alexander Olch

Women. For some guys, they’re forever a mystery. For tie designer Alexander Olch, they’re a species meant to be observed, appreciated?and meticulously documented.
157 sec.

In the Closet: Fashion Week Wrap-Up’s chief reviewer, Tim Blanks, joins Tyler and Josh to enjoy a bottle (or three) of wine and discuss the recent Fall 2009 collections.
224 sec.

Calvin Klein Collection: Fall 2009

The big story going in? A return to NYC after several seasons showing in Milan. The big news coming out? Razor-sharp tailoring; strong, all-American silhouettes; and–Kanye’s favorite–a series of molded wool Tron jackets.
152 sec.

Rag & Bone: Fall 2009

Inspired by a trip to Japan–not to mention an age that seems to require a warriors toughness–David Neville and Marcus Wainwright created a collection for the modern street samurai.
129 sec.

Duckie Brown: Fall 2009

How will the Duckie Brown man weather the current climate? With copious attitude, luxurious outerwear-and hazmat-orange gloves.
145 sec.

In the Closet: Job Interview Edition

Don’t let the wrong pair of shoes (or, in Josh’s case, some questionable facial hair) ruin your career prospects. Here, your semi-gainfully employed hosts offer their advice on how to look sharp and stay cool in a stressful situation.
227 sec.

In The Closet: Year-End Spectacular

Tyler and Josh name their favorite things of 2008 (Japanese workwear, Kentucky bourbon, not necessarily in that order). Plus: some fearless predictions for ’09.
257 sec.

Obsessives: David Chang

For Momofuku kingpin David Chang, a cookbook isn’t just a repository of recipes?it’s the ultimate expression of a chef’s status as culinary badass.
191 sec.

Style Sages: Alan Flusser

What’s the secret to dressing well? Why can’t Brad Pitt pick out his own clothes? For the first in a series of videos, we put those questions and more to tailor and author Alan Flusser.
233 sec.

In the Closet: Holiday 2008

Looking for some advice on what to buy your loved ones this holiday season? If by “loved ones” you mean Tyler and Josh, you’ve come to the right place.
268 sec.

In the Closet: Recession Special

Thinking of scaling back your clothing budget? Don’t (and not just because we want to keep our jobs). Instead, shop strategically. Josh and Tyler show you how.
229 sec.

Rag & Bone: Spring 2009

For Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, Spring 2009 was a real trip–back to England in the heyday of the punks, rockers, and skinheads.
154 sec.

Duckie Brown: Spring 2009

Tim Blanks talks to Daniel Silver and Steven Cox about the unexpectedly athletic flavor of their Spring 2009 collection.
144 sec.

William Rast: Spring 2009

For their debut collection, Justin Timberlake and Trace Alaya enlisted the help of Swedish designers Johan and Marcella Lindeberg. The results, however, are unmistakably American.
153 sec.

In the Closet with Billy Reid

In town to work (and we mean work) on his new Bond Street store, the Alabama-based master of cordovan and tweed stops by to talk clothes, construction, and–most enjoyably–bourbon.
259 sec.

In the Closet: NFL Preview

In our latest episode, Josh Peskowitz and Tyler Thoreson have some urgent style advice for Brett Favre. Plus: fall’s essential footwear, and Japan’s most inscrutibly amazing magazine.
250 sec.