Real ghost girl caught on video Tape 29 (The Haunting)

This video documents the scary paranormal activity that has been going on in my home. The ghost girl is back even after we moved. I did not see or hear her in any of the video until I played the tape back. For some odd reason there are no evp’s and she is outside. You can see the ghost at the front door, in the window, and at the backdoor. I think I may know why she is back and has followed me but I will talk about that in the next video
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Real ghost girl caught on video Tape 28 (The Haunting)

In this video I think about what to do with the bottle. I think its haunted by a ghost or ghosts. The weird thing is every time I get near it something paranormal or supernatural happens. Do you think I should open the bottle that was found with all the other dead girls things? During the video I can hear several voices EVP’s that I could not hear during the recording. tell me what you think they say in the comments.

:40 Sounds like Yes or No but I’m not sure
1:00 Weird noises
1:58 I can understand it
2:02 Strange screams

Did I miss one of them?

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Real ghost girl caught on video tape 27 (The Haunting)

This video documents the haunting and ghost activity that has been happening at my residence. The ghost girl appeared on this video and I think it is because i have figured out her story and know what happened to her. The demon can be heard on the tape along with the ghost girl.

At 4:10 I can not understand what is being said. What do you think she is saying?
At 4:22 I heard “NO”
At 4:24 it sounds like ” The rocks and the stones” This is not Madelines voice. It sounds like a demon. Is it referring to the video DVD I found? I have ot find that place.

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Real ghost girl caught on video Tape 26 (The Haunting)

In this video I take the suggestion and play the ghost tape I found backwards. Some video creepy and paranormal stuff happens. I now know the video does have something to do with the haunting because of the EVP in the video and at the end of this video. The ghost can not be Madeline! What do these paranormal EVP’s mean???

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Creepy Video

This is an enhanced version of the DVD I found. I think it has to do with the ghost girl but I am still searching to find out where it is located. There is some paranormal activity associated with playing it. The ghost did not like it being played as you can see in tape 25
103 sec.

The Haunting Tape 25 (Real Ghost girl caught on video)

The ghost I think has something to do with the DVD I found. The strange bottle was thrown at me after I watched the video and the paranormal activity that was seen and heard after I recorded is listed below:

At 4:50 I heard “stones”??
At 4:57 you can heard the word “eight”

I am not sure because it is so very hard to hear them. Do you think the DVD has anything to do with the ghosts? What do you think Madeline is trying to say to me?
387 sec.

Real ghost girl caught on video Tape 24 (The Haunting)

This video documents the paranormal activity that has been happening at my house. The ghost girl had not done anything for a while so I decide to conjure her with a magic spell I found online. I think I made things worse by doing this. What do you think? I heard several of the sounds when watching the tape back.

1:53 “Burn Burn Burn” She has said this before in other tapes. I think I know what it means now. I will explain in the next few tapes

3:36 “Growling” ???
4:15 “Scream” Very weird sounding. It sounded like a growl when I was recording it. On tape it sounded different.
4:19 “No Communicate” ??? I can not really understand what she is saying.

More to come………

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Real ghost girl caught on video Tape 23 (The Haunting)

The story of the ghost just got really strange in this video. The next to last entry in the diary is very odd and me just reading it seemed to bring the paranormal ghostly activity out for the video camera. I recorded and I am thankful it recorded it all. What do you think happened to Madeline? Why the burning?

Hear is what I can hear on the recording. If you hear anything else please list it in the comments.

1:54 The ghost girl says “I burn” then a “scream”
2:42 “London bridge is falling down…” this one creeps me out
3:05 “Burn, burn burn”
3:17 “help me”
3:52 I can not understand it. What do you think she is saying?

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Real ghost girl caught on video tape 22 (The Haunting)

The diary tells more about the ghost then I expected. In this video the paranormal activity continues as I share part of the story with everyone. I believe the ghost was haunted by a ghost when she was alive. What to do now is not so apparent to me. During the recording I did not hear any of the voice except for the footsteps at the end. I find this odd because before I could hear everything. I also find myself really entranced with reading the diary and I think it is starting to affect my mind.

Who do you think is in the photograph? I think its Madeline or her sister but I am not sure

During the recording you can heard several voices.
(If you hear anything else please comment with the information for everyone to hear)

At 1:16 “Push me”
At 2:12 “Its me”
At 5:34 “I see her”

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Real ghost girl caught on video tape 21 (The Haunting)

The police left and this is what I recorded when I went back down. The ghost (paranormal activity) continued as soon I ventured back into the basement to get the package. I thought the bones might be there again. I feel like I am going crazy. One thing in this video that is very different from the others is the ghost walks into the frame of the camera.

At 4:59 you can see the ghost in the background before she disappears . this is a first.

At 7:28 the voices start with a series answers. I could hear these which really creep me out more than before.

At 9:04 you can hear laughter

At 9:48 the footsteps begin

Please watch the other videos at the end to see what has happened since the haunting has began.

The police were not interested in looking into it to hard. I do not know why. They also seemed a little shaken when they were there. I did record a little when they were there but it does not tell much. I had to hide the camera. I will post that video later.

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Real ghost girl caught on video tape 20 (The Haunting)

The ghost is drawing me closer to something I can feel it as the haunting continues. I finally went back into the basement to see if anything else might be found where the doll was discovered. I found more than I wanted too as shown in the video. The paranormal activity was very high and many strange ghostly things have began to happen more frequently since my digging in the basement.

I was panicked when I did this video and I seem a little irrational. However find a ghosts body buried in your basement can do that to you.

I did not see the ghost but I did hear her.

At 2:15 I hear the ghost say “dig”

At 2:30 I can not really understand what she says. What do you think she is saying?

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Real ghost girl caught on video tape 19 (The Haunting)

My research on the ghost and the stairs is still on going but what this video has shown me leads me to believe the ghost is infused with the stair in my house some how. Did she fall down the stairs? If so who pushed her? Was it Sophie as I heard from her in this video? Was Sophie alive or dead? So many questions need to be answered. I will research this more but first I am going to go under the house again. The voice of the little girl is heard in this video too

At 2:36 I think it says “fall” but it is really hard to hear. What do you think?
At 2:49 A little growl can be heard
At 3:48 “Sophie pushed me”
At 4:22 laughter……..??

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361 sec.

Real ghost girl caught on video tape 18 (The Haunting)

A parapsychologist told me to do this with the powder and the ghost did make her presence known. The ghostly footsteps appeared right before my eyes. I did not see all of them until after recording because it is hard to see all of this through the viewfinder. The paranormal activity continued with several items. First the clocks are all screwed up. I am finding it hard to know what time it is in the house because they change so much. My camera froze up for some odd reason at the beginning of the tape. Then there are the ghostly spooky voices. I heard a little girl and a mans voice when I played back the tape. The playlist is below:

2:49 “Ring around the rosy” (Little girl)
2:49 “Pocket full of posies”(Little girl)
3:16 ” Redeem Sophie” (Male voice”
4:07 “Ashes Ashes we all fall down???” (little girl)
4:55 A growling sound
5:10 “Mommy”

To me it almost seems like some kind of play is happening in my house. Kind of like a play but the actors do not know or care that I am present. This is the first time I have heard a male voice on ghost tapes. I have more research on the original Longarce’s house location on my property and how to relates to the current position.

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Real ghost girl caught on video tape 17 (The Haunting)

The ghost has a surprise for me when I started to find out what really happened in her past. This video tape documents another encounter with the entity. I found out something about her in the last newspaper article. It is very interesting and does not make sense. The paranormal activity has greatly increased sense the taping of this video. I did see her in the lcd screen of the camera but I did not hear or see the orb until after I watched the tape.

At 4:48 She says “A demon”?? It is really hard to understand it

At 5:43 The ghost says “Burn Burn Burn”

At 5:44 a small orb appears at the bottom of the screen just before the ghost appears when the lights come back on.

At 5:50 you hear a growl of some kind. Im not sure what it is. I think its a demon like entity

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Real ghost girl caught on video tape 16 (The Haunting)

This video documents the paranormal activity of the little ghost girl in my house. The haunting has persisted for several months and I have started to learn more about her. I did not expect this video to happen with the buttons. I was going to make a video about the second newspaper article I found on the demon doll. However she has a different idea and scary me.

At 4:19 you hear her say “NO”. I did not hear or see her at the top of the stairs. The little ghost seems to love the stairs. Maybe something happened to her in that area of the old house.

At 5:42 you can see her and hear her say “Sofia made me…..” I have not idea what the ghost is trying to say but I did not hear or see her at that point.

At 6:08 I heard her say “NO”
Please comment and let me know what you think the new things she said mean
420 sec.

Real ghost girl caught on video tape 15 (The Haunting)

This video documents more of the paranormal phenomenon that has been happening at my residence. In this tape I think I have found information about the demon or little ghost girl until weird things begin to happen. The ghost decided to show herself in the middle of the day.I felt her touch my arm in the basement but I did not see the ghost. What do you think the newspaper article means? Occultism? I will record more on the ghost if I am able.
252 sec.

How to make your shotgun mic fit on your video camera!

In this video I show you a very simple way to make you shotgun mic fit on your video camera snug without have to spend a lot of money. It works great for sony cameras who are always known for having a limp shotgun mic on cam
188 sec.

Real ghost girl caught on video tape 14 (The Haunting)

I decided to shoot a short video describing the doll and the strange ghostly paranormal activity that had been happening around it. However the video turned into something more disturbing. The following video documents the paranormal activity that occurred during shooting. I have found a secret and it will tell more about the spirit in the next video

2:12 ghost girl in video (We did not see her)
2:14 The doll says “Demon” or “play” I’m not sure but it was weird and we did hear it.
192 sec.

Real ghost girl caught on video tape 13 (The Haunting)

I was cleaning out the storage area under the house when I saw the ghost. I looked in the area she had been standing and came across what appeared to cloth sticking up out of the ground. I kept hearing a haunting voice say “Dig”before she appeared. I discovered items that might help explain more about the ghost and the paranormal activity that has been happening. In tape 13 you can hear a ghostly voice say “mine” at 3:40 and “dig” again at 4:10. What else is this demon trying to tell me? I will record more of this supernatural occurrences as they happen.
273 sec.

Real ghost girl caught on video tape 12 (The Haunting)

The following video was recorded after a night of high paranormal activity. The ghost has revealed two things to me which scary me. I think I am going to need some help with trying to remove this ghost from my home. I have made a very interesting discovery when digging around the property. I will record more of the ghost demon soon.

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169 sec.

Real Ghost Girl Caught on Video Tape 11 (The Haunting)

This is the latest paranormal activity caught on video of the little ghost girl. I did not see or hear her in the video but I did feel her grab my arm at the end of the video. The amazing thing I saw in the camera was the tissue and blind move. When I viewed the tape I was amazed that she was in the corner of the room. I have started to put together a way to really communicate with the ghost girl and find out what I can do in order to get her to pass on in peace.
235 sec.

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Real Ghost Girl Caught on Video Tape 10 (The Haunting)

This video documents a series of ghost tapes I made that week where I tried to capture on a still video camera setup of the paranormal activity. I had walked away from the setup for just a few minutes before the ghostly paranormal activity began. I did not hear any of the ghosts activity when I was getting ready for bed. I did come down stairs before I finally got in bed and I noticed that the ghost girl had throw the video camera on the ground. You will see the haunting begin at 2:46 on the tape. At 2:58 the plant seems to move very violently. you can also hear a ghostly voice at 3:16. I did record more that night and I will upload it as soon as I can. The paranormal activity is become very random and frequent .
296 sec.

Real ghost girl caught on video tape 9 (The Haunting)

This video documents more of the paranormal activity that has been happening at my residence. Before this recording the ghost of the little girl was knocking around things and tapping on the downstairs den door. I grabbed the camera and begin recording the haunting. I did see the ghost girl run through the door but I did not see her floating next to the sofa. Strange ghostly audio EVP was recording on the paranormal tape. I have many more tapes of the ghost girl and the haunting. I will post them as soon as I can….
219 sec.

Real Ghost Girl caught on Video Tape 8 (The Haunting)

The paranormal activity had slowed down a little until I tried auto writing with the ghost of the little girl. The ghost girl opened the cabinets and i did not see her except in the view finder of the camera. I believe the ghost is wanting me to leave my home. The haunting is being looked over by a friend who is a paranormal investigator. She is going to try and help the ghost girl over to the other side. I will record more ghost activity as it happens.
254 sec.