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This video covers a new project I’m taking on and details the videos coming up.

If you’re interested, please MESSAGE me here on youtube with your email address and I will send the application to you!! Thanks so much for your interest!!

Here is the info as promised:

Information and Policies on Sex Coaching With Kicesie

Q: What is Kicesie’s version of Sex Coaching (or Sexual Health Guidance)?
A: We would discuss what your goals are (and what is holding you back or what your limitations are).
We go through a verbal history of your sexuality (understanding how your past effects you now and into the future), an assessment of your current sexuality and sexual relationships (or lackthereof), and then we set short term goals that will hopefully be reached during the weeks or months that the coaching lasts and long terms goals to keep in mind over the months and years to come.
It is all talk-based. In the time between sessions, there will be ‘homework’ which can consist of written and/or practical lessons. This helps maximize your experience.
It can also be used for couples in which case it also helps to facilitate conversations between two people about expectations, desires, frustrations, etc.


Short Term –
In all but very rare cases, Sexual Health Guidance is intended to be an intensive, short-term program. Because of that, it is the general policy to be a part of no more than 12 one-hour sessions per any given calendar year. In very rare cases, this policy can be overwritten entirely or a few more sessions might be added.

Payments –
All payments must be made via paypal before any session occurs. The price is $50-$100 for a 50 minute session (I am asking you to assess what you are able to afford). A one-time set-up fee of $35 is charged after the first session if additional sessions are desired. This set-up fee is for the custom ‘homework’ and materials that will be provided for you throughout the course of Sexual Health Guidance.
If you pay for 6 sessions at a time, the set-up fee of $35 will be waived. Any additional purchase of 6 sessions at a time will result in a 10% discount ($30+).
If you want to donate to a scholarship so that people who do not have funding for Sexual Coaching can still have access to it, then please contact me about this.

Cancelation Policies –
The number of sessions you pay for is the number you are committing to. The first session is up to an hour and half, though typically 75 minutes (at a discounted rate) BECAUSE it’s so important for you to have a clear understanding of how I work and whether you believe we will be a good match (I will be making this assessment as well and if I turn away a potential client it is because I truly feel I am not going to be able to offer the correct type or level of assistance).
If, further into the sessions, it becomes apparent that I cannot offer the assistance needed, a full refund for all unused sessions will be given.
If the client is grossly inappropriate at any given time, the session will end immediately and funds may not be refunded. If someone is verbally inappropriate, a clear verbal warning will likely be issued (but a warning is not promised before all further sessions are cut off). If someone is physical inappropriate (partial or full nudity for instance), no warning will be issued and a refund will NOT be given.

Inability to Pay –
Unfortunately it will cost money on a sliding scale according to how much an individual can truly afford. The reason it has to cost something is because when something is given for free, it’s not appreciated as it should be. Additionally, when someone is willing to pay for something, that tells me something about the level of priority they give the matter and helps me select who will be scheduled (as I only plan to take about 15 clients at any given time).
I’m very much hoping to create a scholarship where people who love what I do but don’t need coaching can donate to a fund that will then be used for people who really do need the coaching but cannot afford it. Funding will be granted at that point by writing an essay to qualify.
If there are simple/short questions you have that I can help with, I always encourage people to leave those questions over at formspring ( and I’ll do my very best to answer!!

Coaching, Not Counseling and the Ideal Client –
This is a coaching service. This is not counseling and should not be substituted for counseling.
The ideal client is someone who has clear goals that they feel they need guidance and help in achieving. This is not for someone who needs mental health services as, again, this is not counseling.

Age Limit –
This is for individuals 18 and older. If you are younger than 18, but the age of legal consent is below 18 in your state or country, you may appeal this policy by sending me a copy of the laws that state age of consent in your country/state.
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Sexting is a fast growing trend among all age groups. However when it comes to teens, the consequences can be catastrophic.
You know I always just ask of you guys that you take the time to really think through your major choices and make sure they are informed decisions! I’m not here to tell you what the right or wrong thing to do is…. just think about it.

We are also witnessing with professionals, such as Representative Anthony Weiner and other politicians (one of which only ‘sexted’ a photo of his bare chest), how sexting can destroy careers and lives.

Here is the Link to the Sex Study:

This video was shot in Las Vegas for the awesome film Time Warrior! Follow my on facebook, twitter and here to learn more about when it will be out. This is the video that will be shown in the movie.
(Links to come very soon)
A HUGE thank you to the director (Joaquin Rodriguez) and Jaguar Films for letting me be a part of this amazing project!

For legit sex questions, please ask them at
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BlogTV Marathon

Next Saturday – March 19, 2011. 3pm-3am, 12 hour long marathon.

I’ll be answering your sex questions (appropriate ones. We’ll have lots of moderators in the room), giving some tips on how to connect emotionally and sexually with someone, having surprise guest hosts, and more!

We’re doing this to raise money for an amazing NPO and a project they are currently working on that you can read more about here:

Please come prepared to donate something – at least $10! I’ll be giving tons of advice that other people would charge hundreds for… it’s worth it both for the show and for this AMAZING project!
We have $2900 left to raise.

Song my Meghan Tonjes: Titled ‘Gone’ on her Be Mine album. Check out her channel here on youtube!!

(PS: remember when you donate to put in the comment section that ‘Kicesie’ sent you… that way I can ship out the items in the bronze, silver, gold, platinum and Diamond categories! If you don’t do that, it might be impossible for me to get the rewards to you!)
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Have Sex Standing Up

Source is the Fog Zone report at:

The Fog Zone report is from a nationally representative survey of 1,800 unmarried young adults ages 18-29 and is the first of its kind to focus in depth on the attitudes and behavior of both single men and women regarding pregnancy planning, contraception, and related issues. Also from the report:

Myths and misinformation about pregnancy and contraception are prevalent as are inflated fears about the possible side effects of contraception. For example:

* Nearly half (44%) of those who have used birth control pills incorrectly believe that women need to take a break from the pill every few years.
* 18% of men think having sex standing up reduces the chances of pregnancy.
* 42% of men and 40% of women believe that the chance of getting pregnant within a year while using the pill is 50% or greater, despite research showing that the birth control pill is typically 92% effective.
* 28% of men incorrectly think wearing two condoms provides extra protection; in fact two condoms are more likely to break due to friction.
* 27% of women and 34% of men believe it is extremely or quite likely that using the pill or other hormonal methods of contraception will lead to a serious health problem like cancer, despite clinical evidence to the contrary.

Seriously…. I get questions from guys having sex that don’t even know what an STD is. If you don’t KNOW the logistics, don’t do it. Once you do know, be responsible enough to avoid STDs and unplanned pregnancies.
If you hear a rumor about avoiding pregnancy that sounds a little crazy, it probably is. Research everything to make sure you’re hearing it from a reliable source.

Hugs, Kisses and Love to Karen (aka Spricket24) for helping out!

For legit sex questions, please ask them at
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In Memory….

In lieu of flowers, we are asking for donations for a school system (NPO) he believed strongly in. More information on him and a place to donate can be found here:
It will mean so much to me if I can hand over a substantial check during his memorial service. I’ve never needed you guys, as my viewers, more. I’ve tried so much to be there for you when you guys needed me, so PLEASE be here for me…. let something good come out of this tragedy and let this amazing school be built with your donations.

This is in memory of my grandfather who died recently and I’m preparing for his funeral. He was such a huge part of my childhood, my playmate, adventure seeker, and a place for safety and endless love.

Years ago, without knowing, he began developing a brain tumor. We found out only a couple years before he died. While his mind was fairly far gone (always recognized me, that was a blessing), his physical health was okay until only days before we went. I’m told we went peacefully.

He believed in Jesus and heaven. It was his greatest and sole wish to join Jesus in heaven along with his wife who had died 13 years earlier from cancer. This is my wish for him as well. That when Jesus comes to take his faithful home and graves open up, they will be reunited.
(Please leave any religious arguments to yourself at this time!)

If you absolutely want to send flowers to the service (please considering donating instead), just message me and I can give you details on where to send them.

An ENORMOUS thank you to Meghan for the music donation. View her channel here: and considering downloading her music off of iTunes as well. This song was titled ‘In Memory’
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Plan B – Morning After Pill – Emergency Contraception

This should cover all you need to know about Plan B. Please be sure to read the annotations to see the latest and more accurate information directly from the experts!

And thank you TO our experts from for the accurate information and for sponsoring this video and making it possible!

Please leave any additional questions you have below! 🙂

Brand New Intro is Thanks to who did an AMAZING job and worked with me to get exactly what I wanted! I suggest you work with him!

And check out my channel page newly designed by:

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New Condoms Feel Great! (Condoms 101) – Kicesie

PLEASE leave any legitimate questions about condoms below. If for some reason I can’t answer it, I’ll find someone who can.

For legit sex questions, please ask them at

Remember you can also always get free condoms at any planned parenthood as well as discounted or free birth control! And it’s confidential!!!

The purpose of this video is to discuss the kinds of options you have when choosing condoms and how some can feel quite differently than others.
Next, this video should be a mini-tutorial on how exactly to use condoms (the DOs and DON’Ts).
And finally, this video explains where you can get free condoms if you don’t have the money. Remember, going to your local health clinic to get condoms is 100% confidential. Under NO circumstances can they talk to your parents or anyone else about it.

For all things birth control and empowerment, please visit:

(FTC Legal Statement: This video IS sponsored by The NC, though they did not tell me what to say in the video and they have no affiliation with the condom I said was my favorite.)
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Here is the promo for Butterflies, now available on Youtube.


Rent Butterflies:

The channel:

Kicesie Out takes:
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A Look Back At 2009

Music with permission by Meghan Tonjes:
‘The Story Of’
Please, go check out her music on her channel and on iTunes. Buy some of her stuff. It’s beautiful and she’s amazing!

One year ends…. and we reflect. Another begins.

An explanation of the photos below.

1 – Very first photo of the year. 1-1-09 at a masquerade ball! (And quit asking if they are real. They are)
2-6 – Photo shoot fun
7 – With my only living grandparent. He’s actually my step-grandpa, but he’s got a huge brain tumor so life is very difficult for him and he could go any minute.
8 – About to get a massage. YAY!
9-12 – Photos from the wedding. (more on my facebook. go look!)
13 – In our ‘backyard’ in the villa we stayed in on the honeymoon.
14 – I are SO MUCH pineapple. They brought me some on the beach. It was bliss!
15 – The water was so warm. We even went snorkeling one day and I got to dive down into the coral and swim right along the fish (I don’t believe in scuba diving after a lesson or two. My uncle taught navy seals and always instilled in me a respect for scuba diving and the kind of training you need before you go doing it. That said, I have been with scuba diving with him before but in shallowish water)
16 – Out of 10 to 20 photos of short hairstyles I showed my hubby to pick for me to do only one was dark. He picked this one. I asked if he was sure and he said yes. And he loved it! It’s slowly getting hi-lighted now.
17 – At an assault conference… with my iPhone. fun fun!
18 – We rescued ChiChi this year
19 – And we rescued Nikita from mean people determined to kill her! 🙁
20 – And Ophelia continues to do silly and fun things and make my day richer just by hanging out with me.
21 – Our year came to a close with my husband getting surgery for kidney stones. It was stressful but went pretty well. He’s a trooper!

So come join me and tell me about your year, your dreams, your plans… ask me questions. I’ll be live 1-1-10 from 10PM EST until the room quiets out or I simply HAVE to go. And I just might show up in a surprise outfit. lol. 😉
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How Did You Learn About Sex?

For legit sex questions, please ask them at

While I didn’t cover how I first learned about sexuality, I’d love for you to leave comments on how you did. In a near future video I will share my experience and use the best of your comments (keep them pg-13 at most).

This video answers where I get my information from, reiterates how I’m not a professional yet, and covers a couple updates on what I’ll be doing.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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Tantra Chair

I made this video for another website and thought I’d share it with you.
ZenByDesign has been SO GOOD to me. They sent this chair as a wedding gift and have been so supportive of me as I’ve gone through difficult times.

Thank you so much to the Tantra Chair and Zen By Design for all you’ve done for me and what great, lifelong friends you’ve become!

(PS: For those wondering, this was made out of gratitude and is NOT a paid advertisement. I’ll always be honest about who is a paid advertiser and who isn’t.)
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Kicesie’s Butt and a Condom

As promised, both in one vid! haha!
This was filmed on our honeymoon. And still, no pregnant for me!

To know more about the patch (Ortho-Evra) please visits the mentioned sites:
For more on what to do if you make a mistake using the Patch, hit this Planned Parenthood webpage:

Questions to answer in your comments:
What are you doing to assure you don’t get pregnant?
Are you aware of your exact risk level for pregnancy and for STDs with your chosen method?
It’s said by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy that 70% of women ages 18-29 will end up with an unintended pregnancy.
Did you think it was that high? Why do you think that is?

As always, my team will be the one approving comments. Once approved, I will come through and comment back to several!
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Wanna Threesome?

Exploring an interesting finding in studies……..

and sharing pictures of me on my honeymoon.

Please visit:

For legit sex questions, please ask them at
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Long Time No See!!!

I’ve missed you guys so much!!!

Chip-in for Non-Profit:

National Campaign:


Lasik Eye Surgery:
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Let’s Just Talk About Sex

Introducing my first ever song!!! It’s hot, it’s go-have-sex-to-it worthy, it’s yummy…. eat it up!

Of if you want it straight from iTunes, this SHOULD be the link:

Let me know what you think!!! My number is on my channel page! *hugs and kisses!*
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“Are you Pregnant???” IU-WHATS?

What are your thoughts on IUDs?
– Would you trust them?
– Is having them placed in the uterus a positive or negative thing in your mind?
– Do you have any personal knowledge about them?
– Why do YOU think not so many people are using it when it’s SO effective!?
– Would YOU ever consider using it or having your partner use it? If not, why?

REMEMBER: Always use a condom to protect from STD/Is. Here are tips on proper condom useage. It will up your rate of effectiveness a LOT!

Check the package to ensure it’s not torn of damage.

Check the expiration date on the package to make sure it has not expired. (5 Years for latex condoms, 3 years for Nonoxynol-9 coated condoms).

Open the package carefully with your fingers to avoid tearing the rubber.

Condoms will only roll in one direction, so it’s important to observe that the rolled ring is on the outside, and not inside of the tip.

Squeeze the tip (nipple) gently with two fingers before placing it on head of the erect penis.

Unroll the condom unto the erect penis, rolling it all the way down to the base of the penis.

If you start unrolling on the wrong side, discard it and get a new one, because the outside is already contaminated with pre-ejaculatory fluids.

Use only water-based lubricants K-Y Jelly, spermicidal gels or creams. Oil-based lubricant will weaken the condom causing it to break.

Use your fingers occasionally during intercourse to check if the ring is still positioned at the base of the penis.

After ejaculation withdraw the penis while still erect.

Hold the ring of the condom firmly against the base of the penis during withdrawal of the erect penis to prevent slippage or leakage.

There should be no genital contact after the condom is removed.

Dispose of the used condom properly. Put it into the trash.

Never flush down the toilet nor save for reuse.

Use a new one for each sexual encounter.
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Leave it to the holidays…

Note: Only those of you who have NO IDEA who I am or what I’m like would think that was me being egotistical, or ungrateful for my family.
I’m so incredibly aware that I’m not ‘famous’ AND I’m SO incredibly thankful for the amazing family I have. This is about how when you come home, you’re reminded of who you’ve always been and it grounds you….
Meanwhile, trying to explain Youtube or my job to people, makes me want to pull out my hair.
If you can’t GET that or manage to read this, get off the tubes! 😛 (END NOTE)

Had to share this with you guys! 😛 Just me being silly. Enjoy it for what it’s worth…
And as far as the holidays go… from one person to another, may it be a happy one, surrounded by those who can’t comprehend you being anything but precious little ol you. 🙂

My love goes out to you all!

~ Kicesie
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Advanced Sex Ed: Sexual Positions

Video is no longer available. The third party providing it failed to manage the heavy traffic this video sent his way. I do not have the video myself so I’m sorry to say I cannot provide it.

For legit sex questions, please ask them at
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Bits of info I’ve gathered.

I really hope you’ll all watch on Nov 22. It sounds like it’s truly going to be awesome!! Let’s hope I get to meet Katy Perry! ;-D

For more info, subscribe to !!!!!

TTY guys soon!!!
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To comment and rate please go to my new channel!!

Part of a new channel I’m starting:

All photos are royalty free from

The piece of poetry isn’t meant as an argument or a debate starter. Take it for what it is. And if you want to comment, please go to the new channel to do that. It’s there as well with comments and ratings enabled.

I tried to capture, with the limited pictures I had, the beauty of diversity in age, gender, and race… to be so captured by it we don’t even see it…

On this new channel I ask for submissions from anyone who wants to be a part of it and in posting their poetry there, promote their own channel. The channel page has the how to’s…

See you over there!


My body loved yours.
My emotions collided against yours
and we were as enmeshed as a crash
on the highway of steel,
bent around steel,
bent around bodies.

I loved you.
And I sucked out the nectar
of your sex
with worshipful awe.

In my memory you are neither
male nor female.
Your skin isnt black or red,
brown or yellow,
white or so light it looks
almost blue for the vanes
that run beneath it.

I couldnt have treasured
your laughter more
or your fingertips against my skin
greater if youd been
the society norm
or wildly outside of it.

I loved the soul inside of you
that is neither male nor female,
knows no race, and sometimes
forgets it is even confined
to being human,
transcending into something cosmic.

When your body screamed
against mine in orgasm,
and your waves of energy burst
across me so strongly I felt your ecstasy
as though it were my own,
I knew only for that time
and in that moment
you were my lover.

Lover: a word entirely void
of gender, race, or age.
Because right then
you could have been as crisp
as the youth of 18 or as sage
as the sunset of your time here on earth.
You were my teacher
and my student.
Your striving for equality between us,
Let me please you have me.
Let me worship at all that is of you.

And so I wondered,
now as I did then,
what politicians or lawmakers
had to do with the hours
(probably far too many)
we spent locked up
alone inside our loft.
What they would say if forced
to watch our naked bodies dance
around each other in the
small spaces and witnessed
what could be called nothing but love.
As we washed each others hair in,
Yes, yes! Herbal Essence Shampoo,
Would they see our souls
and our love, or would they see
our gender, age, and race.
Would they close their mouths in awe
at the treasure we possessed
or stick firm to rigid
illogical determination?

And when the sun set
on what was to be our relationship,
the only thing that matters
is that what we had once possessed.
What mattered was that you
had held me for centuries,
it seemed, when I couldnt sleep,
and that I had been near you,
nurturing when you were sick.
What mattered,
and will always matter
is that we were lovers.
It matters not what our names were,
the color of our skin,
the gender assigned to us,
or the number of years we had lived.

The experience,
seared into my soul,
set as a labyrinth inside my heart,
is all that ever did
or ever will matter.
I loved you,
and forever so will.
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Men, I need you! – BC

As I said, as a feminist I must concern myself greatly with the EQUALITY of the genders. And when one is being given unequal rights, it must be approached.

Men, I need you, you need you, to take control of whether or not you become a father.

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Youtube LIVE! Nov 22nd!!

Be there (virtually)!!!

Be sure to check in on Youtube on the 22nd to watch the event – 8 EST!!!

For more information:
(and be on the lookout for the possibility that we’re going to be test subjects.)
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Pillows for Poverty

So I’ll donated $10 per pillow sent to me, to ADRA, up to $1000 (I’ll focus the money sent on programs that build sustainable income in various countries).
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Relationships – Women’s Perspective

Since I get asked ALL the time questions about your relationships, here’s what I’ve come up with.

Now don’t ask me your questions, go ask the masses!

BTW, women, no matter how much we think men can or should be able to read our minds – they can’t and never will. So start talking. To your partner or to men in general (the masses!). Trust me, they will be SO appreciative!!
And it’s truly a very mature thing to do!

(Per the FTC’s guidelines, I am disclosing that this is a paid advertisement)
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23 Girl Salute

If you want to buy a pair of socks, please write to

Lets make this this the most colorful video on You Tube by submitting video responses while wearing rainbow colored socks : )

Here is a surprise birthday collab video that my Fiance put together for me as one of my birthday gifts. He contacted some of my favorite You Tubers to be a part of this. Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to film this for me. It really made my birthday special this year! : )
So whats up with the socks everyone asks? It was done as a parody to my appearance in the new hit single “Pork and Beans” by Weezer. The orginal video of my socks can be seen in my “Best Sex Ever” video. For everyone who is interested in buying a pair of the same Rainbow colored socks please email my manager at the following email address:

A special thanks to
for writing and editing this video. : )

Music used with permission and provided
by: IMovie Roller Derby & “enter the party”

Here is the order of appearance:
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