Christmas 2011 Gracie / Jude

146 sec.

Jude meets Buzz Magic Kingdom

87 sec.

Jude meets Woody & Jesse at Magic Kingdom

114 sec.

Last Friday Night SUPER CLEAN audio version for kids Katy Perry

For moms that don’t want their little kids running around singing damn, screwed & menage a trois. This is a super squeaky clean audio version. Sorry if the sound came out fuzzy. I’m trying to fix that.
231 sec.

Orlando Family Vacation during cold snap

Our most recent visit to Florida during Orlando’s longest “cold snap”. 27 degrees. We still had fun visiting Walt Disney World & Sea World. Chef Mickey’s Dinner.
250 sec.

Hollywood Trash with JoAnn

Why is JoAnn in this video?
99 sec.

Gracie loves the theme from THE OFFICE

My Toddler loves the theme to NBC’s THE OFFICE. She goes crazy whenever it comes on and I believe she thinks she can sing the tune.
51 sec.

Britney Bolts Court Runs to Church

Britney BOLTS from the Courthouse and Runs to a Church. Footage from CNN on 1/14/2008
300 sec.

Tooth Tunes Commercial

Tooth Tunes TV Commercial
31 sec.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Oh Tootles Meeska Mooska Mouskatools

Oh Tootles, Meeska Mooska Mouskatools. Everybody say “Oh Tootles”
67 sec.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse HOT DOG Song

Playhouse Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse HOT DOG SONG. They Might Be Giants.

For those asking: No, I do not get paid for clicks and I never will. I posted this vid a long time ago because I was a mom searching for the Hot Dog song. MM Clubhouse tv show was brand new at that time (2007) and Disney was super slow adding videos. I posted this because (myself and) other moms were searching for it. I don’t own this material so I can’t and won’t agree to get paid for clicks. I’m glad Disney never forced me to remove it. If Disney ever wants to give me a free day at Magic Kingdom for all the clicks…well then, sure! I’ll accept that! But no, I don’t get paid for views on this video. FYI, I get about 600 emails a day asking me to accept money for a link, etc. I ignore them all.
64 sec.

Gracie hates the horsey

Gracie cries when she gets her Christmas Gift
81 sec.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme

Here’s the Theme to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Channel. Enjoy!
81 sec.

More Barney at Universal Studios

The Day in the Park with Barney show at Universal Studios, Florida.
32 sec.

Madonna Chicago United Center 6/15 Confessions HUNG UP

Hung Up Finale. Madonna sings to audience 6/15 Chicago United Center, Confessions tour. Lady jumping up and down, audience shots. Madonna sings to blonde girl in audience. I don’t know who blonde girl is, but I hope she someday sees this video of herself. If you were at this show, I hope you spot yourself in this video! I don’t know who filmed this, I downloaded it.
58 sec.

Madonna United Center Chicago JoAnn in Audience

JoAnn Genette & Friend Ed at Madonna Confessions tour chicago, 2006. We found this clip of us in the audience, so we edited the clip to show you.
32 sec.

Madonna Drunk Punchbowl

From Madonna’s documentary I’m Gonna’ Tell You a Secret. Madonna at the pub with her husband and friends
119 sec.