Goofy Fancy Dance

Mickey and friends.
596 sec.

Mickey Mouse ClubHouse (Goofy baby)

Goof wanted to be a shiny armour,but he went through the professor time machine and turn into a baby… very cute:)
632 sec.

Discovery Kids – Wilbur – Taking turn is fun

Wilbur and friend having fun and showing the importance of taking turn
574 sec.

Bear- Cha cha cha – ORIGINAL

Bear Cha cha cha
192 sec.

Bear and his friends go camping – part II

Bear and friends go camping and sing along with luna,the goodbye song, very cute
251 sec.

Bear in The Big Blue House -Dancing the flamingo with ojo

Very cute
214 sec.

Bear talking with the moom about his day – Good bye song

Bear talks to the moom about his day at the big blue house
141 sec.