Safety In The Workzone

Follow Matt McCarthy, Safety Supervisor for Kokosing as he shares important safety tips during construction.
54 sec.

Fort Steuben Bridge Demolition

Demolition of Fort Steuben Bridge on February 21, 2012 @ 7:15 AM
118 sec.


The closure of the Fourth Street bridge over Interstate 75 in Lima which will begin February 27, 2012, is the first of three phases of a four-year project which will reconstruct Interstate 75 through Lima from the Auglaize County line to just north of SR 81
152 sec.

Micro Tunnel Breakthrough

31 sec.

MSE Whiteboard Video

Project Engineer Mark Maday shows us how to build an MSE wall. ‘MSE’ stands for Mechanically Stabilized Earth.
132 sec.

While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping, a bridge was coming down in Grove City which is exactly what ODOT and the contractor wanted. Check out this video as the deck or the surface you ride on and the steel beams that support it come tumbling down.
48 sec.

Columbus Crossroads COTA Video

Columbus Crossroads and COTA teamed up to help passengers get through the construction zone.
62 sec.

Safe Out the Door – Behind the Scenes

An exclusive look into the making of “Every Move You Make, Keep It Safe” Campaign’s Safe Out the Door Music Video
132 sec.

ODOT goes after things that go bump

Check out this video of crews in Marion County working to make US 23 safer.
80 sec.

Charlie Brown Christmas Safety Message

Charlie Brown doesn’t understand how people drive the way they do, especially during the holidays.
44 sec.

Target 2-Day Sale Parody: Mr. Snowplow

How Do You Drive Safe? www.facebook.com/OhioDepartmentOfTransportation
32 sec.

How Do You Drive Safely Around Snowplows?

Snow is on its merry way to wreck havoc on your holiday travels. Don’t worry, ODOT snowplow drivers will keep the roads safe and passable for you and the family. But… do you know how to drive safe around snowplows?
32 sec.

ODOT Holiday Traffic Report – “SNL Weekend Update Parody” –

Video edition of ODOT’s Holiday Traffic Report.
181 sec.

Distracted Driving Geico Parody

Does distracted driving really cause accidents? Is racing office furniture a bad idea?
28 sec.

“The Non-Decision”

ODOT has ended the speculation. Amongst all the hoopla and discussion about process, the decision has been made. And really, it’s just common sense!
96 sec.

When you see lights, vests, reflectors – Move Over

How Do You Drive Safe? By slowing down and moving over. Let’s help protect those who protect us. http://www.respondersafety.com/
30 sec.

Tis the season for holiday cheer, memories with family and a designated driver!

There were nearly 33,000 crashes on Ohio roads last December, of which 1,196 were alcohol related crashes. Please be responsible this holiday season, and if you drink have a designated driver.
42 sec.

Cleveland Bridge Demo

Demolition of the Cleveland Ave Bridge.
35 sec.

A very cute safety message, from a very cute little girl

We all have loved ones waiting at home for us, so please, drive safely!
47 sec.

Optimus Prime kicks a safety rhyme for ODOT

And you thought the leader of the Autobots disliked rap music… check out Prime’s safety rap about speeding.
65 sec.

Safe driver vs. distracted driver. Parody of Mac vs. PC ads

Help keep Ohio’s roads safe this holiday season by being a safe driver, not a distracted driver.
32 sec.

Santa’s safety message to Ohio drivers!

Christmas has come early for Ohio drivers! Listen to St. Nick explain how to drive safely on Ohio roads.
41 sec.

You’re a safe one, Mr. Grinch!

A Grinch inspired safe driving message from the Ohio Department of Transportation. If the Grinch can learn to drive safely through Whoville, so can you!
48 sec.

Team Edward joins Team ODOT to promote safety!

Even though he’s a vampire, Edward still follows Ohio Traffic Laws…
37 sec.

Frosty the Snowman says “In Ice & Snow, Take It Slow”

ODOT asks motorists “How do you drive safe?” Well thanks to Frosty’s safety tip, Ohioans know how to drive safe during icy and snowy conditions!
37 sec.