WoodMizer Prepper Saw Mill (video response)

Video Response to SouthernPrepper1 video “Will a WROL situation change the ladder of society?”
92 sec.

Amazon Bow Finished

Amazon bow finished with help from thestickbow1
209 sec.

Mussel Shell Knife

Fresh water mussel shell knife scraper.
264 sec.

Bow Barbie and Mystery Egg

Making another bow, and another mystery?
278 sec.

Brazilian Indian Fire Board Securing Technique

Short clip of Brazilian native securing fire board.
108 sec.

Yew for You

Just a short clip on my new Yew wood bow, the next one I may show a little more of the building process. Thanks for watching.
211 sec.


97 sec.

I’m quiting You Tube

Where do I go from here?
98 sec.

Woolly Mammoth found alive in Siberia?

Woolly Mammoth found alive in Siberia? VISIT THIS CHANNEL
Music by StarsEnd on You Tube
32 sec.

Benji’s First Yew Wood Bow

My son and I shooting yew wood bows, and gathering yew wood to make his first bow
244 sec.

Tsunami Mystery Egg

A big black float that was thought to be in the first wave of tsunami debris to be found on beaches in the U.S. has been identified as having come from Miyagi prefecture, one of the areas hardest hit by the March’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan, according to Japanese newspaper The Mainichi Daily News.

Yuuki Watanabe, a senior official of a fisheries cooperative association in the Miyagi prefecture, examined a photograph of one of the floats that was found and confirmed it looks like those used in oyster cultivation in the Miyagi area,The Mainichi Daily News said.

Miyagi prefecture is in northeastern Japan and includes the hard-hit city of Sendai.

The location of where the float was found was not reported, however, such findings have been made in Neah Bay.

A single black float found during a beach cleanup east of Neah Bay more than two weeks ago was identified by Seattle oceanographers Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Jim Ingraham as being from the massive magnitude-9.0 earthquake and resultant tsunami in Japan on March 11, Ebbesmeyer said at a Peninsula College lecture Tuesday.
293 sec.

Booby Trap Trip Wire

How to stop an intruder with simple materials
84 sec.

Mystery Machete, Help!

Mystery Machete, Help!
98 sec.

Hand Grain Mill

Wonder Mill Hand Grain Mill Review
363 sec.

Mini Tin Altoids Fire

Mini Tin Altoids Fire flint and steel
169 sec.

Make your 12 gauge shoot 22/ Survival Hunting

We will be using an insert that converts your 12 gauge shotgun to shot 22 ammo. We will try out a variety of quiet ammo to see what is the most effective for hunting in an urban environment.
160 sec.

Fire Starting using Cattail and Broken File

Cattail and File Fire Starting
190 sec.

How to Black Walnut Dye a Wool Blanket

Black Walnut Dye a Wool Blanket
237 sec.

Primitive Archery Duck Hunt

Primitive Archery Duck Hunt
509 sec.

Prepper Car Kit

A sample of what I carry in my vehicles for emergencies.
287 sec.

Russian Rain Poncho Shelter

Russian rain poncho shelter for use by bushcrafters, preppers, and other who have to spend a few nights out in the woods
101 sec.

Make A Bird Bone Whistle

Make A Bird Bone Whistle
160 sec.

Success Snared CottonTail Rabbit

My first rabbit with a wire snare. Are you the top predator in the woods?
106 sec.

Apache Throwing Star Golf

Apache Throwing Star Golf and Bull Kelp Cordage
405 sec.

How to split a feather using no tools for primitive archery.

A trick to learn how to split a feather for primitive archery using no tools.
119 sec.