Michael Jackson Back Catalogue Stolen By Hackers

Two hackers have allegedly stolen Michael Jackson’s entire back catalogue from Sony Music. According to The Guardian, that’s 50,000 music files, collectively worth about $250 million.
61 sec.

Invisible Mercedes

When Mercedes wanted to promote its new fuel cell vehicle, instead of placing it squarely in front of everyone in the world, the company decided to make the car invisible. We have video.
91 sec.

Facebook’s ‘Interest Lists’ Feature Appears, Then is Quickly Removed

We’ve all been hearing buzz about Timeline for brand pages, but Wednesday’s announcement also came with an accidental push from Facebook. The alleged leak revealed a feature called “Interest Lists.”
69 sec.

Apple Tops Fortune’s Most Admired Companies List Again

For the second year in a row, Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Company survey puts Apple on top. Google and Amazon followed the Cupertino company at numbers two and three.
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Man Caught Peeing in ‘Street View,’ Sues Google

Google Street View caught this man in northwest France urinating on his driveway And now, the blurry-faced figure in the image is suing Google for damages.
66 sec.

QR-Coded Condoms Promote Safe, Social Sex

Planned Parenthood’s new social media tool, Where Did You Wear It, puts QR codes on condoms. Users scan the code and checkin to join the online condom community. The project aims to promote safe sex.
80 sec.

Homeland Security Scanning Facebook and Twitter for Keywords

An internal document released by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC, says a DHS subcontractor is searching social sites, like Facebook and Twitter, for an ever changing list of keywords.
68 sec.

Wiz Khalifa Tweets Engagement, Twitter Reacts

Rapper Wiz Khalifa proposed to his girlfriend Amber Rose. He Instagrammed this pic of his new fiance and her ring. He tweeted the only words that matter: “She Said Yes!”
64 sec.

Autocorrect Fail Sparks School Lockdowns

A mistake text on Wednesday sparked a lockdown at two Georgia schools. One student accidentally texted the word “gunman” to a wrong number.
69 sec.

Speech Jamming Gun Keeps You at a Loss for Words

Two Japanese researchers have put together a gun capable of stopping your speech, mid-sentence. The device uses a microphone and a speaker to render you speechless.
83 sec.

Twitter Call for Help Saves Couple’s Wedding

Six weeks before their wedding day, the firm one couple was using folded and cost them around £4,500. The bride-to-be put out a tweet for help and the couple received an incredible amount of support from their fellow tweeps.
79 sec.

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Timelines

Facebook’s redesigned profile is now available for brands. This was a big change for users, and you can bet it will be the same for brands. Check out what’s changed.
101 sec.

Microsoft’s ‘IllumiShare’ Brings Online Collaboration Off Screen

Microsoft’s IllumiShare enables two people to share any physical or digital object on any surface. It uses a lamp to light the surface and then a camera-projector system allows users to see what others see and vice versa.
95 sec.

Crack in China’s Firewall Gives Users Access to Facebook

The Firewall that keeps social sites out of China cracked earlier this week. People logged onto Facebook and flooded Barack Obama’s Google+ page. The blockade is back up as of Wednesday.
79 sec.

DVR Usage Increases Five-Fold in Five Years

Since 2006, our usage of the watch-it-whenever DVR has increased five-fold. According to Nielsen, it now takes up 8 percent of our total TV time.
86 sec.

Apple-Inspired Plastic Surgery, the ‘Facetime Facelift’

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Sigal has the answer for Facetime users who don’t like what they see in the camera. Inspired by his wife, he calls the procedure: “Facetime Facelift.”
78 sec.

Fox, Warner Want More Secure HD Media

Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Brothers are teaming up with storage specialists SanDisk and Western Digital to find an easier way to store, organize and most importantly to the studios, protect your copyrighted HD media collection.
80 sec.

Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” Teased in TEDTalk From the Future

The crowd at the TED got a glimpse into the upcoming Ridley Scott sci-fi film “Prometheus” on Tuesday, in the form of a video for a “TEDTalk From the Future.”
189 sec.

First-Ever Asteroid Samples Help Explain Its Violent History

In 2010, Japanese scientists retrieved the first-ever grains of dust from asteroid Itokawa parachuted into the Australian outback. They grabbed more than 1,500 grains and are now releasing their analysis.
95 sec.

YouTube Adds More Closed Captioning Features

Since 2006, more than 1.6 million users have uploaded videos with captions. Over the past few months, the YouTube team has added new features to its closed captioning service.
97 sec.

Apple Approved for Several Multi-touch Patents

The U.S. Patent Office granted Apple several patents for innovations involving the structure of its Magic Mouse and its multi-point gesture screens.
84 sec.

Google Offers $1 Million to Hackers Finding Chrome Bugs

On its blog, Google says hackers have the chance to earn up to $1 million at this year’s Pwn2Own Contest. Last year, Chrome was left untouched, but now Google hopes the extra winnings could convince more hackers to find bugs.
80 sec.

Facebook Denies Report It’s Reading Android Users’ Texts

A report in London’s Sunday Times claimed Facebook admitted to reading the text messages of its Android app users. Facebook says they’ve got it all wrong, calling the report a “ludicrous attempt” to create a story.
76 sec.

FBI Turns Off 3,000 GPS Devices After Supreme Court Ruling

The FBI has been ordered to switch off 3,000 GPS tracking devices until it gains warrants to place them. On January 23, the Supreme Court ruled placing GPS devices under a car is a form of search and requires a warrant.
57 sec.

How to Stop ‘Search Plus Your World’

Many have probably Google’s new ‘Search Plus Your World’ results. Only problem is some argue Google+ isn’t really their world. So here’s how to get rid of it.
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