Justin singing a mash up

I know, he needs to work on voice lessons, but the kids got passion!
159 sec.

Jake sings Man in the Mirror

I didn’t know he even knew this song!
47 sec.

Jake on a roller coaster

Jake is very pleased with the roller coaster ride. At the end he said, “That was almost going to make me barf!”
40 sec.

Justins first slack line attempt

Justin (8 years old) practicing on the new slack line…I had to put up a rope for him to hold onto until his confidence builds up. He seems to like it!
84 sec.

Jakes party rock!

Jake dancing his brains out!
77 sec.

Jake rocking out

He really wants to be in a band
36 sec.

Jake playing the “DRUMS”

Jake made his own drum set and was rocking out!
27 sec.

Justin & Jakes’ Mommy… Revealed!

Justin and Jakes mom finally comes out from behind the video camera!
58 sec.

Justin & Jakes’ silly christmas song

Happy holidays from our family to yours!
36 sec.

Jakes funny faces playing air hockey

Who know air hockey could be so dangerous?
52 sec.

A Christmas song, by Justin!

Piano lessons pay off as Justin plays a Christmas song for youtube!
65 sec.

A christmas song, by Jake!

Piano lessons pay off as Jake plays Jingle Bells for youtube!
66 sec.

Justin teaching Jake how to play chess

This is an OLDER home video I just found. It cracks me up. I think Justin was 6 and Jake was 4. He is trying to teach Jake the rules of chess I believe. Poor Jake just isn’t getting the complicated rules. I love this interaction! ENJOY!
106 sec.

Jake turns SIX

On the evening before his birthday, Jake recalls what 5 was like.
80 sec.

What’s that song Justin?

A random conversation with Justin
108 sec.

Jakes interesting dance moves

Maybe he will start a new dance trend!
47 sec.

I don’t like you mommy, 5 years later- Justin’s reaction

Justin watching his popular youtube video and his reaction 5 years after it was recorded.
101 sec.

Jake in the box…AGAIN!

I don’t know…he just has a thing with boxes! 🙂
97 sec.

Jake medicated at ER after breaking his arm

He is all better now so I figured it was time to share this. He broke his arm at school and was in pain for hours! I finally got mad and demanded pain medication and he got a little loopy…but at least he wasn’t in pain any more!
55 sec.

Happy Mothers Day from Justin and Jake!

The boys want to with all moms out there a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
60 sec.

Jake LOVES baseball

Jake getting ready for his game. He has become quite a good baseball player! 🙂
87 sec.

Justin wants a cell phone

7 year old Justin has been begging for a cell phone. When did my “cookies kid” baby grow up. Oh and NO he is NOT getting one till he is older!
73 sec.

Jakes COOL cast!

a little artwork to jakes cast!
33 sec.

FAN REQUEST: Justin singing Justin Bieber

You asked for it…here is his first attempt…not too bad! 🙂
42 sec.

Jake singing Justin Bieber…after he broke his arm 🙁

36 sec.