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Sudden impediment on the highway
24 sec.

Crazy but cool russian
141 sec.

Elmo from Sesame Street character
44 sec.

58 sec.

Lucky dumbass on the road – Russia
56 sec.

Russian Gets Tongue Stuck To Very Cold Bar
65 sec.

Making Oil from Sewer and Butchery Wastes
174 sec.

Bad Drug Trips Compilation – salvia divinorum
467 sec.

C-130 flight test
177 sec.

Motorcycle crash and rider slides down hillside
269 sec.

Dramatic Battle Between Spotted Jaguar And Alligator

235 sec.

Very cool LED Wave Structure!
133 sec.

10 abstruse Beiträge bei Galileo –
954 sec.

Head-on collision on highway in Ulyanovsk
61 sec.

Sheep out of a moving truck, stealing
32 sec.

Idiot Tries Jumping A Car – Fails!!
37 sec.

Snowball fight in the soccer stadium
28 sec.

Strong movers – removals
27 sec.

Cat wants Petting and requests about this girl
51 sec.

Beautiful women on surfboards
276 sec.

278.6mph – 448.36 km/h worlds fastest turbo charged Suzuki Hayabusa – Motorcycle
95 sec.

Incredible Final 17 Seconds in Basketball Game!
64 sec.

Coward Attacks Mother & Child At Bus Stop
133 sec.

Tilt shift of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro
347 sec.

Special Forces Training Camp?? – Russia!
49 sec.