Chewies Belt Performing Big Country’s Chance (As a tribute to Stuart Adamson).wmv

Chewies Belt Performing Big Country’s Chance. Apologies for the poor video and sound quality.
282 sec.

Vmax With Air Cleaner Box Removed Problem Solved

I removed the diaphragm/spring and slider to find that it had previously assembled incorrectly and it had all separated. I reassembled it correctly. Sorted.
44 sec.

Vmax – Air Cleaner Box Off With A Fault.

My Vmax with the Air Cleaner Box off. I’d been having a problem with the V-Boost system not coming on when it should. One of the Needle and Slider Valves on one of the Carbs (the one that has the boost sensor sender) is sticking and isn’t getting full travel.
72 sec.

The Tranquility Of Tarn Hows

The Tranquility Of Tarn Hows In The Lake District (UK) Is Shattered By The Lesser Spotted North Eastern HOONER!
20 sec.

Chewies Belt – Whiskey In The Jar

The Acoustic Division of Chewies Belt Performing Whiskey In The Jar at The Other Rooms, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. 02/02/08
299 sec.

Big Country – In A Big Country – Live

Big Country playing ‘In A Big Country’ at Legends in Newcastle upon Tyne on the 26th October 2007.
271 sec.

Big Country – Chance – Live

Big Country playing ‘Chance’ at Legends in Newcastle upon Tyne on the 26th October 2007. The crowd sings the whole song in the absence of Stuart Adamson.
288 sec.

Parachute Near Miss!

A Parachutist has a near miss with an Ex-RAF Chipmonk somewhere in the South of England.
18 sec.

Helicopter Accident

This is a Turbine Enstrom Helicopter on the Heli Pad of a Greenpeace ship some where off the coast of Ireland. One of the deck straps has not been released correctly, with what was very nearly disastrous consequence. Pilot skill and quick thinking saved the day.
131 sec.