passat syncro wagon sideways 2

sliding around in my car attracted some unwanted attention
22 sec.

passat syncro wagon sideways

a much better video of my syncro cruising through some light poles at sfu. working on perfecting my pendulum swing. no e-brake was involved in this video
19 sec.

mission track day 1

Track day at mission race way
14 sec.

bluejay and pekoe

A curious bluejay trying to get to my parrot pekoe
4 sec.

senegal parrots in a tree

senegal parrots ernie and pekoe hanging about in my yard
66 sec.

Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR-6 on Motorweek

Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR-6 on Motorweek
443 sec.

radio controlled car

some guys built a full size radio controlled car.
318 sec.

Lancia Delta Integrale

A phenomenal late 80’s Italian Rally car
218 sec.

vw rabbit with independent throttle bodies

This is my friends rabbit with
-programable engine management(megasquirt)
-suzuki GSXR 650 throttle bodies
-porsche 944 aluminum lower control arms
-1.8L engine, ported and polished head, 288 degree cam, 12:1 compression ratio
-over 150hp @ the wheels naturally asperated
63 sec.

Mclaren factory

A tour of the stirling prize award winning building for 2005.
495 sec.

vw van jump

some guy jumping his aircooled vw van
14 sec.

learn to speak english

a comercial about learning to speak english
40 sec.

smart car crash

crashing a smart car to test occupant survivability
339 sec.


toyota aygo playing ball with other toyotas
484 sec.

vw rabbit wreck

me destoying my vw rabbit
68 sec.

swing bicycle

me riding my 1977 swing bike
36 sec.