NHL Matchups —

This is part three of my vs matchups vids on youtube.. Sorry for the george laraque picture with the coyotes… It was the only good picture i could get…

Song: Dj Moogan – bAx in trAx – Melik Techno


alexander ovechkin vs jerome iginla
fight – derek boogaard vs george laraque
goalie match – martin brouder vs patrick roy
daniel alferdson vs joe thorton
sydney crosbey vs jaromir jagr
mike modano vs pavel datsyuk
mats sundin vs teemu selanne
vincent lecavelier vs ilya kovalchuk
eric staal vs viktor kozlof
history match – wayne gretzky vs mark messier

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101 sec.

Top ten crashes –

These aren’t actually the ”top ten crashes” of all time. This is basicly just a slide show of top ten crashes I have seen. So any mean/negative comments, please keep to yourself.

Note: I know the music is bad, so keep your thoughts of the music to yourself I know it isnt my best piece of work…

Note: I got alot of you posting comments on my video saying that #2 and #6 are the same crash, THERE NOT THE SAME!!! and even if they were, It wouldnt matter because both crash occurances are different, one is just a crash and later on the jet becomes on fire and if any of you think im ”cheating” on this video just message me and ill take it from there

Note: These are not fixed crashes, they are real crashes that happend in real life and any negative comments saying that these crashes are fake will be removed,

Note: I have way more crash pictures, theres are just some of the crashes i used to be in my montage, and yes, the last one is still basicly a crash…

Song – B-laze – Belly Jumper – Melik Techno

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NBA Matchups —

You decide who will win the matches between these amazing players


Kevin Garnett vs Tim Duncan
Yao Ming vs Shaquille Oneal
Steve Nash vs Gilbert Arenas
Dirk Nowitzki vs T-mac
Allen Iverson vs Chris Bosh
Tony Parker vs Paul Pierce
Erick Dampier vs Tj Ford
Rudy Gay vs Dwight Howard
Vince Carter vs Dwayne Wade
Kobe bryant vs Lebron James
Michael Jordan vs Charolette Bobcatts
song – flo rida low

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TNA vs WWE – the epic battle Part 1

if you got any questions about the wwe and whats going on ask me and ill try to answer them 🙂

extra matches ( not included in vid )

LAX vs Rated RKO
Ladder match – Christian cage vs jeff hardy
cm punk vs johnny devine
umaga vs sting

who will win the epic battle between TNA and WWE?


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matches –

aj styles vs rey mysterio
arm wreslte match – batista vs scott stiener
awesome kong vs beth phoenix
abyss vs kane
rhyno vs mr.kennedy
chris sabin vs MVP
petey williams vs finlay
jim cornette vs mr.mcmahon
hell in a cell – judas mesias vs the undertaker
kurt angle vs triple h
last man standing – john cena vs samoa joe
156 sec.