Narrow Escape.

Guy was lucky.
10 sec.

Speeding Scooter and Truck.

Fortunately no one got hurt. Business as usual.
21 sec.

Car Deliberately Runs Another Car Off Road!!.

as above…
32 sec.

Raw Video Redlight Fatal Crash.

St. Louis, MO.

The driver of the car police said caused the crash and the video showed ran a red light at very high speed, was released from jail. He had yet to be charged with a crime.

The victims` loved ones said that had to change; this was a crime, not accident; this was what happened when people ran red lights.

The video clearly shows a green light for north-south traffic on Grand Boulevard at Natural Bridge in North St. Louis, when the westbound car on Natural Bridge speeds into the frame, clips one car, then ‘t-bones’ a Metro Call-A-Ride bus; the car going so fast, it knocks the bus onto its side, Daionsha Scott, 19, and Morion Robinson, 21, both of St. Louis; both back seat passengers in the speeding car.

‘All I have is the tragic moment left in my head, seeing him with all of these tubes in his mouth and he`s struggling, fighting for his life,’ Robinson`s mother, Monica Robinson said through tears Tuesday night.

‘That`s one of the busiest intersections in the city. Why would you be driving 80 or 100 mph at Grand and Natural Bridge ? Come on, man. My son never had a chance,’ said Robinson`s father, Morris Adams.

The metro van was empty, except for the driver, who was not seriously hurt. Two survivors were still hospitalized Tuesday night; one from the car that was clipped, the other-the front seat passenger in the car that ran the light.

The driver of that car was treated at a hospital and initially released to police custody. He was a friend of both Robinson and Scott.
13 sec.

Cars Crash During Live Shot.

“Probably shocked by those gas prices”
29 sec.

Tractor trailer roll over in Dallas, TX, USA.


A Sugar Land man who had an 18-wheeler fall on top of his car should be OK.

Gregory Meece was driving a rental car in north Dallas
Thursday morning when the accident happened. Investigators say the
driver of the semi was speeding and lost control. The truck then
crossed three lanes of traffic, pushed an SUV over a concrete barrier
and then flipped, landing on top of Meece’s car. A spokeswoman for the law firm where Meece works says he has a fractured disc in his neck, which will be fixed by surgery.

Video of the accident has been released. It can be seen in the video window above.
47 sec.

Brutal Crash on Icy Highway Truck vs SUV.

Nissan Navara hasn’t passed crash test…
in suv was only driver he died immediately
35 sec.

Wrong place, wrong time….

Pedestrian blown away after burning car explodes
36 sec.

Accident And Aftermath Caught On Camera..

Action Starts At 2.24
Somewhere In Brazil.
480 sec.

Teen Driver Crashes Head On Into Cop

A Solon police officer is recovering after his police cruiser was struck by another driver. Just before 11 p.m. Monday, police said Officer Roy Cunningham’s was struck by a Monte Carlo near the intersection of Harper Road and State Route 43. The driver, a 19-year-old Garfield Heights man, had been trying to make an improper turn into a gas station when he crashed into the cruiser, Solon police said. Both men were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

During a crash investigation, another Solon officer discovered a small amount of marijuana inside the Monte Carlo.

The 19-year-old was then arrested on fourth degree misdemeanor drug abuse charges and held on a $250 cash bond.
64 sec.

Bizarre police pursuit in Texas

The beginning is the best. Sorry, no audio included with vid.
219 sec.


Saudi drift goes wrong
19 sec.

Wheelie Accident

24 sec.

Close Call For Idiot Driver On Icy Road.

4 january,Russia
29 sec.

Elk hit by a car in Russia and walks away..

seems he’s fine
25 sec.

Epic failure when overtaking BMW.

Shymkent, Kazakhstan 2012
20 sec.

Unexpected Accident.

Wow…….Where did he come from?
19 sec.

Motorbike Takes Out Spectator..

I know its a re-post…You dont have to watch it…..or comment.
30 sec.

Dangerous U-turn led to a car accident

Accident caught on dashcam in-car
31 sec.

Head on Crash – Car catches fire!

Wipers still work though.
168 sec.

Costa Concordia divers underwater video

Italian navy has released underwater video, filmed on Tuesday, 17th January 2012.
146 sec.

Waters enter a room in the Costa Concordia, passengers casually discuss Titanic (Italy)

(January 14th, 2012) Waters enter the escalation room aboard the Costa Concordia moments after impact. Passengers unaware of whats going on casually discuss the movie, “Titanic” while taking pictures.

Updated info below as of January 21st, today a 12th victim has been found. Rising death toll now at 12.
31 sec.

Cop Opens Fire While Nearly Being Crushed By Suspect

When Hassan Ibrahim Bazzi purportedly lost his mind earlier this month, a Dearborn police officer nearly lost his life.

In police dashboard camera footage, Bazzi narrowly misses running over the officer after leading police on a high-speed chase through East Dearborn.The video shows the officer standing in the middle of Schaefer Road with his gun drawn trying to get Bazzi to stop. Bazzi instead drove head-on toward the officer, causing the officer to fire off five errant shots and fall to the ground as he tried to avoid the oncoming car.

The chase came to an end after what appears to be the intentional move by a DHL delivery truck driver to pull in front of Bazzi’s speeding Ford Taurus. Efforts to confirm that the delivery truck driver did purposely pull in front of Bazzi were not successful as of this story.

Bazzi, 39, is currently in police custody awaiting a mental competency exam. He faces several felony charges.
85 sec.

Collision of two identical Ladas.

52 sec.

Confident Pilot Lands his F5 with no Wheels

This is from Iranian Air force Base in Dezful.
The pilot was clear to eject but he refused and decided to land his F5.
Hydraulic Failure was the cause of this incident.
46 sec.