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Why Women Should not Become Mannagers

A piece of new Iranian TV series called “The Chef” Staring Parviz Parastooyi and Fatemeh MotamedAria.
It is about a couple who start from nothing and with co-operaton and sacrifices they successfully start a huge Restrant in which it gets popular. Minu (the wife) was tempted by a TV interviewer to atend a live show and she kept this matter secret wanting to surprise her husband, Akbar.
However, at the live show the interviewer stresses the fact that it was because of her mannaging that the business is running well and so that other women should be encouraged to take the mannagement key from their husband. Minu regarding to her position and forgetting the the role of her husband in the business, keeps talking about how it was only because of her management and the way she guided her husband in the business that their resturant became oneof the popular places in the city.