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Top 10 Persian Rap Feb 2015

Top 10 Persian Rap Feb 2015
Music List:
1- Amir LeO Ft Pouya Ignore – Parcham Bala
2- Gz Band – Marco Polo (Ft Bee Rap)
3- Jafar Ft Mamali – Je
4- Roshan Fekr(Produced By GOMrah)
5- Reza Pishro Ft Feri – Jange Maghz
6- Javdan – Daftar
7- Barcode – Door Azam Beist
8- Hichkas – Ye Rooze Khoob Miad
9- Rostam 2(Produced By MidZem)
10- Bahram Free Style SSdeluxe1 Remix

Arrangement by: SSdeluxe1
Ma har mah behtarinha ro be shoma moarefee mikonim.
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