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R (3) TV AD Navad 90 Aug 27, 2012 Football Iran نود۹۰ عادل پور ايران

Iran Land of World Champions Ghasem Rezaie Salimi Souryan Norouzi Abdevali سعید عبدولی
(IRI) امید نوروزی مصاحبه محمد بنا
Hamid Soorian souryan حمید محمد سوریان ریحانپور بهداد سلیمی

قهرمان ، سرت رو بالا بگیر ، همه ما دوست داریم

المپیک لندن
1. Shooting – Elaheh Ahmadi — Women’s 10m air pistol
2. Mahlagha Jambozorg Women’s 10m air pistol
3. Ibrahim Barkhordari Men’s 10m air rifle
4. Taekwondo Mohammad Bagher Motamed 68kg weight class
5. Yousef Karami 80kg weight class
6. Soosan Hajipour – 67kg weight class
7. Cycling – Alireza Haghi
8. Mehdi Sohrabi
9. Amir Zargari
10. Athletics Kaveh Mousav Men’s hammer throw
11. Amin Nikfar Men’s shot put
12. Ehsan Hadad Men’s discus throw
13. Sajad Moradi Men’s 800m
14. Sajad Hashemi Ahangari Men’s 400m
15. Leila Rajabi Women’s shot put
16. Ebrahim Rahimian Men’s 20km race walk
17. Reza Ghasemi Men’s 100m
18. Roohollah Asgari Men’s 110m hurdle
19. Mohammad Arzandeh Men’s long jump
20. Greco Roman wrestling Hamid Soorian Men’s 55kg
21. Omid Norouzi Men’s 60kg
22. Saeed Abdevali Men’s 66kg
23. Habibollah Akhlaghi—Men’s 84kg
24. Ghasem Rezaie Men’s 96kg
25. Bashir Babajanzadeh Men’s 120kg
26. Free-Style wrestling Hasan Rahimi Men’s 55kg
27. Masoud Esmailpour Men’s 60kg
28. Mehdi Taghavi Men’s 66kg
29. Sadegh Goudarzi Men’s 74kg
30. Ehsan Lashgari Men’s 84kg
31. Reza Yazdani Men’s 96kg
32. Komeil Ghasemi Men’s 120kg
33. Boxing Mehdi Talooti Men’s 64kg
34. oxing Ehsan Rouzbahani Men’s 81kg
36. Ali Mazaheri Men’s 91kg
37. Canoe Sprint Ahmadreza Talebian Men’s Kayak single (K1) 1000m
38. Arezoo Hakimi Women’s kayak single (K1) 200m
39. Rowing Mohsen Shadi Men’s single sculls
40. Solmaz Abbasi Women’s single sculls
41. Archery Milad Vaziri men’s individual
42. Zahra Dehghan Women’s individual
43. Weightlifting Sohrab Moradi Men’s 85kg
44. Kianoush Rostami — Men’s 85kg
45. Saeed Mohammadpour Men’s 94kg
46. Navab Nasir Shalal Men’s 105kg
47. Sajad Anoushiravani Men’ +105kg
48. Behdad Salimi Men’s +105kg
49. Table Tennis Noushad Alamian
50. Neda Shahsavari
51. Judo Mohammad Reza Roudaki — Men’s +100kg
52. Javad Mahjoub Men’s 100kg
53. Fencing Mojtaba Abedini Men’s individual Sabre
54. Swimming Mohammad Bidarian Men’s Freestyle 50m
ترانه موسوی میرزا ریاضتی مامان مقدسه توکلی
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Dr Nadia Riazati Mirza Taraneh Mousavi Moghadase Tavakoli Mona Neda
نادیا ریاضتی
سنا روحانی
The Miami Herald published an article about a Baha’i woman in Miami who experienced educational discrimination for her beliefs. Nadia Riazati, who arrived in the U.S. Four years ago (2008) is currently pursuing a doctorate degree at Florida International University, shared her story during a public event in Miami dedicated to the Baha’is of Iran, which was held on Sunday, April 11.

About 300 people attended the event in Miami, where Former Universal House of Justice Member Douglas Martin and U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen were the keynote speakers.

From article…

From an early age, Nadia Riazati knew the pain of discrimination, humiliation and punishment. When she was expelled from school in Iran for revealing her religion, her teacher insulted her. “You have sullied our school,” she admonished.

Riazati, 30, belongs to the Baha’i faith, the largest non-Islamic religious minority in Iran, and one that has been the target of relentless persecution by the government for decades. Because of her religious beliefs, she was banned from Iran’s universities. Two years ago, after seven failed attempts, she managed to leave the country.

“The Iranian government wants to destroy us culturally and intellectually by denying us the opportunity to educate ourselves,” said Riazati, who is studying for a doctorate in sociology at Florida International University
Bahai Programs