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Malaria 2016 – Trailer, 6th Iranian Film Festival Australia 2016

6th Iranian Film Festival Australia 2016
Brisbane: 20-23 October, Melbourne: 27 October – 1 November, Adelaide: 3-6 November, Perth: 4-6 November, Sydney: 10-13 November, Canberra: 11-13 November

A young girl informs her father that she has been kidnapped and asks him to bring the ransom money to pay for her rescue. Her father and brother’s go to Tehran to look for her, however we find that she has not been kidnapped, rather she is living a vagabond lifestyle – eloped with her boyfriend and hanging out with a band of street musicians. Thus begins filmmaker Parvis Shahbazi’s sixth feature – a movie at once about the need for and difficulty of finding joy in a contradictory society, one, as the filmmaker notes, which is “torn between modernity and tradition.” Following the arrest of the bandleader and still full of love for her boyfriend, the young girl must tread the uncertain path in-between.

How To Remove a Stain from a Sofa

Today I show you how to quickly remove a stain from a sofa. This technique works on all kinds of sofas – Leather, Fabric, Microfibre, etc. It will also successfully remove ALL kinds of stains in seconds! Wine, Blood, Juice, Oil, Coffee, Pets, etc. No matter how badly stained your couch is this technique will work with ease. This homemade mixture is way more effective than anything available in stores! Simply spray directly onto the stain & it’ll penetrate & break it down, resulting in the stain vanishing in a matter of seconds.

Don’t keep this lightning fast stain removal technique to yourself!

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لحظه های درخشان – دفاعیه پسرخاله در «کلاه قرمزی و بچه ننه»

این فیلم که سومین فیلم بر اساس شخصیت های ماندگار «کلاه قرمزی و پسرخاله» است در سال 1390 تولید شد . یکی از محورهای آن ماجرای شیطنت های شخصیت «پسر عمه زا» است که منجر به دادگاهی شدن کلاه قرمزی و پسرعمه زا می شود . در این میان «پسرخاله» ، دفاع از بستگان خود را به عهده می گیرد و . . .