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Funny Animals Cartoons Compilation Just for Children To Have Fun!!!

Watch these Funny Animals Videos and funny animals cartoons compilation and laugh out loud and have a great time with HooplakidzTv.

+ Watch Wheels On The Bus Collection :-

+ Watch Itsy Bitsy Spider Collection :-

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+ Watch & Learn all About Dinosaurs in our I’m A Dinosaur series :-

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So come join us and watch these Funny Animals Videos and Dinosaur Cartoons For Children by HooplakidzTV. Funny animals and other creatures prowl through our collection of funny animals videos and cartoons.

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Kami’s Party (Mehmouniye Kami), 2013 – Trailer, 4th Iranian Film Festival Australia 2014

Kami’s Party (Mehmouniye Kami)
Written & Directed by Ali Ahmadzadeh

Starring Mina Sadati, Nazanin Farahani, Pegah Ahangarani, Mehdi Koushki, Misa Molavi

4th Iranian Film Festival Australia – 2014
Canberra: 3-5 October, Brisbane: 9-12 October, Sydney: 23-26 October, Adelaide: 31st October – 2nd November, Melbourne: 6-9 November.

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Kami’s Party follows two very different car trips to a party that’s being held cross-country. Nazanin has killed her sister Negin’s boyfriend, Omid. Before she can dispose of the body, Negin takes the car she has hidden him in. Nazanin goes after her but Negin won’t stop and wait. Negin unknowingly flirts with the danger of being discovered; going through checkpoints and picking up hitchhiker, Armin. A true road movie with sinister undertones.