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Funny Animals Cartoons Compilation Just for Children To Have Fun!!!

Watch these Funny Animals Videos and funny animals cartoons compilation and laugh out loud and have a great time with HooplakidzTv.

+ Watch Wheels On The Bus Collection :-

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+ Watch Five Little Monkeys Collection :-

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+ Watch & Learn all About Dinosaurs in our I’m A Dinosaur series :-

+ Watch Nursery Rhymes Songs For Children to Sing and Dance :-

So come join us and watch these Funny Animals Videos and Dinosaur Cartoons For Children by HooplakidzTV. Funny animals and other creatures prowl through our collection of funny animals videos and cartoons.

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Kami’s Party (Mehmouniye Kami), 2013 – Trailer, 4th Iranian Film Festival Australia 2014

Kami’s Party (Mehmouniye Kami)
Written & Directed by Ali Ahmadzadeh

Starring Mina Sadati, Nazanin Farahani, Pegah Ahangarani, Mehdi Koushki, Misa Molavi

4th Iranian Film Festival Australia – 2014
Canberra: 3-5 October, Brisbane: 9-12 October, Sydney: 23-26 October, Adelaide: 31st October – 2nd November, Melbourne: 6-9 November.

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Kami’s Party follows two very different car trips to a party that’s being held cross-country. Nazanin has killed her sister Negin’s boyfriend, Omid. Before she can dispose of the body, Negin takes the car she has hidden him in. Nazanin goes after her but Negin won’t stop and wait. Negin unknowingly flirts with the danger of being discovered; going through checkpoints and picking up hitchhiker, Armin. A true road movie with sinister undertones.

Animals Reaching For Food Fails! | Video Digest

So close yet so far! Funniest Animals trying to reach food but just cant quite get close enough! Persistent, determined, and relentless, not giving up, these dogs, cats, squirrels, bears, birds and all the rest put up an amusing show! And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations!

Funny Comments:
“Come to me, oh delicious ham… come to me” The Andrealee01 about 2:26

Video Time Line:
0:00 Cool Title
0:11 Bear climbs rope to try to get food. Hangs there for a couple minutes, then falls.
0:35 Squirrel vs anti squirrel bird feeder. Squirrel gets super dizzy and is drunk afterward
1:12 Dog with floppy ears jumping up and down for pie crust while owner isnt looking
1:38 Cockateil trying to get food that is just out of reach. Takes out his anger on plastic.
1:54 Dog really wants to get the water bottle that is in the middle of the table
2:06 Hungry cat wants food NOW, forget putting it in a bowl
2:26 Raccoon does everything he can think of to reach the ham. Including begging
2:55 Love bird trying to get food from jar. Gets pretty mad when it fails
3:21 Cat really wants to try man’s food. Tries to guilt trip him, then attempts to steal it.
3:57 Cute dog with small feet cant reach sausage, then gets help from human.
4:30 Bear desperately trying to lick up a candy that’s out of reach. Long tongue.
4:57 These acrobatic goats stretch for food, barely able to get those luscious greens.
5:10 Cat cant resist the burrito this boy is eating so he finally takes over it like a boss.
5:34 Birthday dogs. Dog gets furious when not able to reach cake on table. Shows teeth
5:59 Another squirrel acrobat goes on a joy ride via the bird feeder. Quite a ride
6:21 Impatient kitty tries to take away bottle of milk. Persistent about it too!
6:49 Audacious seagull walks in like it owns the place, eats the cat food. Then comes back and steals the whole bowl of cat food while the cat just watches… Probably speechless.

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