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Funny Crazy Cats Playing in Water & Taking Baths – Funny Kitty Cats, Funny Pets, Funniest Animals


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Funny Crazy Cats Playing in Water & Taking Baths – Funny Kitty Cats, Funny Pets, Funniest Animals

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Funny Crazy Cats Playing in Water & Taking Baths – Funny Kitty Cats, Funny Pets, Funniest Animals

Watch as these funny cats prove that cats are scared of water is just a myth! Enjoy as these silly cats have some fun in the sun; from the swimming pool to the kitchen sink! Most of it consists of these cute animals doing funny things. Some funny animal fails, and funny animal vines. Anyway, check out these funny videos of funny animals.

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Funny Crazy Cats Playing in Water & Taking Baths – Funny Kitty Cats, Funny Pets, Funniest Animals

Zoo Animals – Cute Animals – Funny Animals – An Amazing Zoo Trip

Zoo Animals – Cute Animals – Funny Animals – An Amazing Zoo Trip

Today, Kinder Playtime and kids took another amazing trip to the zoo. It was a nice cool day and overcast with a little bit of rain, a perfect day to see some cute zoo animals! We took lots of animal videos and combined it into this zoo video.

First we took a video of a Pygmy Hippopotamus as he ate. He was a very cute animal to watch. Next, we saw a Rhinoceros with her little baby Rhino. What an amazing zoo animal mother. After that we made a long trek to see a huge Asian Elephant. It was very funny because he would dance around constantly. Next, we found a group of Chimpanzees. They had some baby chimps as well. Those were some really cute baby animals. After that, found a bunch of Mallard Ducks swimming on the lake and a curious turtle swimming around the area. We threw some food into the lake and tons of large Catfish came to enjoy the snack. Next, we went to the large cat area and found an amazing Tiger. We made a tiger video and moved on. What a gorgeous creature though. Next we found a sleeping Lion. Lions are awesome animals! Walking down the pathway at the Zoo we found a Peacock finding its way. We didn’t get the Peacock to show his feathers, but what a beautiful bird. Next, we found a group of cute animals known as a Fox. They were so little! The next stop was my favorite, a Cougar! What a beautiful cat! He decided to take a drink of water for the video camera. Next, Jacob and Emily got to play Peak-A-Boo with a Wolf, they were really funny animals and seemed to get a kick out of it as much the kids did. After that, we found a Crane standing by some Whitetail Deer. They seemed to enjoy the nice weather as much as we did. We found some white birds that seemed to be looking for food, and a little duckling taking a bath. It was funny to watch them waddle. Into the darkness we found lots and lots of bats! They are awesome animals that never seem to run into each other. We then found a majestic owl. What an amazing zoo animal. We then found a Grizzly Bear, a Brown Bear, and some Black Bears. They were massive and looked like they would surely cuddle you. Not likely!
For the rest of the Zoo trip we saw an Otter, Rattle Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, an amazing Bald Eagle, an Alligator, a Giraffe, Monkeys, a Raccoon statue, Flamingos, lots and lots of Fishes (including the ones that look like Nemo and Dory from Disney’s Finding Nemo), Sea Lions, Puffer Fish, Seals, Seahorse, Piranhas, Lion Fish, Iguana, Komodo Dragon, Pink Flamingos, and Large Tortoises. What an amazing site to see so many amazing zoo animals!

Music Sunburse by Tobu & Itro, Holiday by Itro & Tobu!
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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